Watch: Must-Learn Engagement Strategies

From Successful Political Movements

Want to build a following quickly? Keep members organized and engaged? Scale your community?

The rise of the Blue & White party in Israel is a lesson in educating, motivating and activating a country. They had a few months, limited resources to win control of parliament – a seemingly impossible task, especially going up against a dominant leading party that had be in control for ten years. But in April, they forced a runoff.

And in September, they won their extra seat and the majority. How did they do it?

Their story has profound implications for organizations building professional networks. Learn their innovative methods and how you can get started today.

Hear from Dave Hersh and Sharon Savariego to learn the tactics they used to mobilize an entire country.  And how you can apply these lessons to your membership-base.

You’ll learn:

  • How the Blue & White party went from political unknown to 30,000 activated members in 6 months and how you can apply these tactics at your organization
  • The secrets to recruiting and onboarding members like a movement. Including building leadership programs and creating effective content plans
  • How to create an army of ambassadors to take your network to the next level and spread your name across your industry / influence your industry
  • How to engage in meaningful and personalized ways using a distributed leadership model

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