How Associations will Thrive or Die: The 2020 Rules of Millennial Engagement


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How Associations will Thrive: The 2020 Rules of Millennial Engagement

2020 is a tipping point for associations as millennials become the majority of the workforce, reaching up to 75% in 2025. But millennials only represent 19% of association membership. Bridging this divide will be critical to an association’s relevance and survival in this next decade.

So what do millennials want? Purpose, community and simplicity.

This hyper-connected population loves building social ties and collaborating, but on their terms: easy to use, mobile-first, connected to purpose and with a sense of belonging.

Most associations aren’t prepared to meet these demands. Old technology and engagement techniques like forums and gamification don’t work anymore. And social media continues to eat away at membership.

What’s your association's 2020 Vision to stay relevant in this next decade?

Hear from Dave Hersh, CEO at Mobilize, Ben Martin, CEO at Online Community Results and Alexis Luscutof, Director of Community Strategy at Mobilize, as they explore the strategies and technologies enlightened associations are using to grow, engage and delight millennials.

By joining this webcast, you'll learn:

  • What millennials want and how to align their goals and preferences with your membership organizations
  • The 4 Pillars of the Millennial Journey: Mission, Membership, Modern and Mobile---and why they’re critical to attracting and retaining millennials
  • How top associations leverage Silicon Valley “freemium” marketing techniques to attract millennials and gain paid memberships while reducing advertising spend
  • How to leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions that boost engagement and membership

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