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Mobilize is the complete solution to turn your listserv into a thriving community

Recruit and Organize Members

One central system to import, onboard, segment and manage your users.

Boost Engagement in New Ways

Group discussions, events, private chats and more drive huge jumps in activity.

Migrate Painlessly

Mobilize's email integration allows you to match the listserv experience while migrating members to advanced features.

Personalize your Communication

Target your communication to the right people at the right time and easily manage all group conversations.

Kickstart Networking

Rich profiles and directory allow people to find the right people, connect and communicate easily.

Visualize Health

Deep analytics allow you gauge health and engagement, optimize your community and share results with your team.

13 Strategies from Global Community Leaders

After interviewing community leaders from across the globe, this collection of strategies and tactics stood out as the keys to success for driving community happiness and engagement.

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Learn how National Security Technology Accelerator used Mobilize to transform government contracts.

Erik olbeter, Coo, NSTXL

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“The migration from our listserv has gone off without a hitch. People are excited. It’s stirring up engagement in groups that were quiet for years.”