Your own private Linkedin

Organizations today are only as strong as their network. Own your industry by owning the conversation: connect customers, prospects & partners in an exclusive network that drives growth, innovation, retention and a long-lasting competitive moat.  

Organizations are networks of people

Industry dominance no longer comes from economies of scale, data or first mover advantage – it comes from owning the “big conversation” that everyone wants to join. Someone leads those conversations—it can be you. 

Become a Movement

Mobilize started with digital movements. We understand how to drive engagement through purpose, belonging and tested methodologies. We now bring that power to professional networks that want to change the world through community.

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Go beyond community.
Lead through Network Effects.

Think of it as your organization’s own private LinkedIn. A new approach to community that is purpose-built for driving engagement in this attention-starved, mobile-first era.

The Mobilize platform is made for “intimacy at scale” with intelligent workflows, templates, moderation, targeted communication, and custom analytics to grow your community with ease and without sacrificing connection.

Mobilize is built to drive engagement, but also to connect that engagement to business results – ROI models that thrill executives and board members. 

The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface

Onboard elegantly

Nail the “golden window” of time-to-activation by making new members feel welcomed, connected and oriented. 

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A diagram with the different post types a member can engage with using Mobilize.

Engage thoughtfully

Instead of newsletters, keep members stay up-to-date with the latest community information that matters to them and allow them to engage directly through their channel of choice: web, mobile or email. 

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Network intelligently

Much of the interactions in professional networks happens behind the scenes. Make it easy for members to find like-minded people, get advice, learn from mentors and establish the connections that can change their careers. 

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Different devices that show the Mobilize community user interface
Engagement analytics and new connections analytics

And optimize continually

Use analytics and health reports to uncover insights into the health of your community and what to do about it, including which programs, content and events create value, and which members are at risk of churn. 

You won't be doing it alone.

Professional networks are not a product, they are a process led by people – and the more experienced, the better. Our Strategic Services team drives some of the most successful networks in the world. We’ll be behind you throughout the journey.

Our proven people, frameworks and product combined with your team and industry experience are the secret to world-changing professional networks. Learn more about Strategic Services →

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Inspire. Connect. Change.

Mobilize enables you to build a modern membership community that will transform your industry.

Help members feel connected and purposeful out of the gate, and keep the momentum going throughout their journey.

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Keep your members focused on what’s most important and relevant to them, and how they can engage.

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Understand trends and opportunities through feedback, polls, data & custom reporting.

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Grow your audience and revenue through community by partnering with the right people, strategy, and technology.

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Give members a deep connection to your organization and other members that will cement their commitment for life.

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“Mobilize allows us to be more agile as a global organization. Our therapists and employees can collaborate easily and quickly.”

Dermologica CEO with a quote for how they use Mobilize community platform

Aurelian Lis, Chief Executive Officer

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