Get it done for good

A purpose-driven, focused digital community can change the world in unprecedented ways. Today more than ever. We know because we’ve helped the world’s biggest movements grow, engage, and inspire their supporter base. 

Rally your membership

In this attention-starved era, you need the right partner to mobilize, excite and grow your supporters. Mobilize has not just the software, but the people and methods to galvanize and grow your membership. 

Drive real change

Mobilize started with digital movements. We understand how to drive engagement through purpose, belonging and tested methodologies. Want to create lasting change? Let us help you by harnessing your people. 

The ideal community platform for nonprofits

Running a nonprofit is already tough. You don’t need tough software, too. To attract donors, activate volunteers and deliver your mission, you need a purpose-built system for driving movements. That’s us. 

Think of it as your organization’s own private LinkedIn. A new approach to community that is purpose-built for driving engagement in this attention-starved, mobile-first era.

The Mobilize platform is made for “intimacy at scale” with intelligent workflows, templates, moderation, targeted communication, and custom analytics to grow your community with ease and without sacrificing connection.

Mobilize is built to drive engagement, but also to connect that engagement to business results – ROI models that thrill executives and board members. 

The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface

Modernize your brand

See your vision come to life with a modern approach to community that generates 5X the average engagement by delighting members. 

How an individual can engage with other members in their community.

Mobilize your base

Activate and manage your volunteers in a way that removes you as the bottleneck while creating “intimacy at scale.” 

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Focus your supporters

Set daily, weekly digest emails and share interest-based summaries of key content, programs and events to your audience stays up-to-date with the latest community information that matters to them.

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mobile phones with Mobilize polls and other post types displayed

Scale with confidence

Grow your community without creating headaches or sleepless nights for your IT team. And save money in the process.

You won't be doing it alone.

Successful nonprofit communities are not a product, they are a process. And they led by experienced people. Our Strategic Services team has driven some of the most successful networks in the world. We’ll be behind you throughout the journey.

Our proven frameworks combined with your team, aligned goals, and supported execution are the secret recipe your vision depends on. Learn more about Strategic Services →

laptop, computer and tablet with the mobilize platform showing

The secret weapon behind the most powerful movements

Give your audience a deep sense of belonging, purpose and excitement around your core mission while making it easy for them to participate.

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Help members feel connected and purposeful out of the gate, and keep the momentum going throughout their journey.

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Keep your members focused on what’s most important and relevant to them, and how they can engage.

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Understand trends and opportunities through feedback, polls, data & custom reporting.

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Grow your audience and revenue through community by partnering with the right people, strategy, and technology.

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Give members a deep connection to your organization and other members that will cement their commitment for life.

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"Our previous community platform was difficult to use and too 'formal'... Members wouldn’t take the time to learn how to use it. My members and board all love Mobilize and think it's literally the best thing since sliced bread. We have been very, very happy."

Lori Gracey, Executive Director at TCEA