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Bring in new sponsorships, grow and retain your members, expand non-dues revenue and capture a millennial audience. Some of the largest associations are moving over to Mobilize’s modern platform. Find out why. 

Times have changed.

Growing and retaining your membership is no longer about keeping members informed; it’s about keeping them engaged. With all the competition for their attention, you must align with their deepest motivations and give them a strong reason to connect.  

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Thrill your members.

Mobilize spent years researching the technologies and techniques that support purpose and belonging in associations. We bring those insights to you to help you modernize your brand and become the voice of your industry. 

The membership community solution for forward-thinking associations

Escape the noise of social media, long email chains, and messy online groups with an exclusive, well-designed place your members can call home. Our modern membership solution has proven effects on member retention, growth, engagement and bridging the “Millennial divide.”


Think of it as your organization’s own private LinkedIn. A new approach to community that is purpose-built for driving engagement in this attention-starved, mobile-first era.

The Mobilize platform is made for “intimacy at scale” with intelligent workflows, templates, moderation, targeted communication, and custom analytics to grow your community with ease and without sacrificing connection.

Mobilize is built to drive engagement, but also to connect that engagement to business results – ROI models that thrill executives and board members. 

The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface

Grow elegantly

Nail the “golden window” of time-to-activation, not just for new members but prospective members as well. This sets the stage for your enlightened member journey from awareness through deep connections and leadership positions. 

Unlock new revenue from sponsorship opportunities with your partners.

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A diagram with the different post types a member can engage with using Mobilize.

Engage thoughtfully 

Instead of newsletters, which are usually ignored, keep members stay up-to-date with the latest, relevant community information and allow them engage directly through their channel of choice: web, mobile or email. 

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Retain gracefully 

Break the “two-year churn” cycle by making members feel seen, heard and valued and ensuring they are getting value. 

Different devices that show the Mobilize community user interface
Engagement analytics and new connections analytics

And optimize continually 

Use analytics and Health Reports to uncover insights into the health of your membership and what to do about it, including which programs, content and events are creating value, and which members are at risk of churn. 

With Proven ROI

Use our calculator to learn how a Mobilize membership community for your association pays for itself. 

Watch: How Texas Computer Education Association doubled their membership base

ASAE TEC 2020; Hear from Lori Gracey, Executive Director, and Robert Bennett, Director of Member Engagement to learn how they use Mobilize to drive their biggest member benefit and how they achieved 2X membership growth. 

Supported by a team of association experts

Associations have 10X as much competition as they did 20 years ago. Success is this era is contingent on building a thriving professional network. Our Strategic Services team will ensure you build an active community that drives your organization and industry forward.

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Inspire. Connect. Change.

Mobilize enables you to build a modern community for your association that will transform your industry.

Help members feel connected and purposeful out of the gate, and keep the momentum going throughout their journey.

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Keep your members focused on what’s most important and relevant to them, and how they can engage.

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Understand trends and opportunities through feedback, polls, data & custom reporting.

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Grow your audience and revenue through community by partnering with the right people, strategy, and technology.

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Give members a deep connection to your organization and other members that will cement their commitment for life.

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“I can say that in the last eight weeks, we’ve seen $25k in new revenue be driven by using Mobilize.”

Cara Snow
Chief Community Engagement Officer

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Cara snow with the Technology Association of Oregon