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desktop, tablet, and mobile devices showing the mobilize responsive interface
A laptop and mobile phone showing the Mobilize user interface


Mobilize is a community platform, methodology & team built to get things done. It’s the secret recipe behind the world’s most successful companies, movements & networks.

Delight your audience and achieve incredible results.

Think of your Mobilize community as your own private LinkedIn – a modern approach to discussions, outreach, chat, events, files, networking and more that is purpose-built for driving engagement in this attention-starved, mobile-first era. 

Community management is easy, with intelligent workflows, templates, moderation, targeted communication, and custom analytics to scale your community without sacrificing connection.

The member onboarding, friction-free communications (email, mobile, web), rich mobile apps and custom analytics create the sense of belonging that drives true engagement.

The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface

Top organizations around the world use Mobilize

We know what it’s like to be a purpose-driven org that wants to tap into the power of community. That’s why we have supported thousands of customers across every stage and size of their community journey.

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Finally, a tool that community managers and execs can love.

Having the right strategy is just as important as selecting the right software partner. We are the only solution of our kind to offer a software + strategy + people solution to get the results that matter for communities we drive.

A network tree of all of the ways a person can be productive using Mobilize.


Community Management

Flexible Moderation
Control all content and members, or appoint moderators for each group. Create public and private content, events, and discussions.

Personalized Onboarding
Create an engaging experience for your members and get them activated and focused quickly.

Group Lounge
Every group has a dedicated place for peer-to-peer conversations, learning, accessing resources and uncovering new opportunities.

Member Directory
Manage your members in one place and segment for targeted content, events and outreach. Build a robust profile on members to augment your CRM or system of record.

Resource center
Organize important information for members to find and discover. Understand who’s interacted with what content and personalize the experience.

Outreach center for cross-channel communication
Send timely, segmented messages to members who need it across SMS, email and push messages.


Smart Segmentation
Segment members based on engagement insights, profile attributes and content activity.

Email conversations without logging in
Users can engage via email anytime anywhere, which removes engagement friction. 

Post-types and notifications
Create custom content types like polls, questions, job opportunities or product reviews, and ensure the right people are notified. 

Breakout groups
Small groups can form a dedicated space to engage in hyper-relevant conversations.  

Highlights and Embedded Video
Highlight any post-type to keep it visible to those who need it, and embed video make posts more compelling.

Mobile phones showing the different qualitative post types in a mobilize community
A Mobilize member directory with profile images and metadata


Smart Networking Groups
Suggest groups to help members network with like-minded individuals and follow their interests. 

Private and Group Chat
Chat with other members or  groups across email, mobile or web.

Rich Member Directory
Members include their preferences, interests and experience for smarter networking, while you can use the data to personalize their experience.

Highlights and Introductions
Keep group members informed with highlighted messages, resources and projects while helping them network with automatic introductions.

Mobile and Personalization

Mobile App
A fully modern, mobile experience on iOS and Android with all the needed engagement features.

Fully Branded Experience
Brand your community (and mobile app) with colors, labels and custom web + email domains.

Personalized Interface
Personalize header labels and images, groups and subgroups, resources, email footers, and more.

A personalized branded form
a mobilize post with engagement data in the post
Engagement metrics from a mobilize community

Analytics and Insights

Profile Enrichment
Two-way sync with your system of record drives rich profiles for better segmentation, reporting and insights. 

Community Health Analysis
Our strategy experts provide a monthly rundown of key metrics and insights to optimize your engagement and desired outcomes.

Performance Analytics
Know what content members like most, or which groups are performing best. 

Resource Activity Analytics
Uncover the most valuable resources, keep an eye on compliance, or know what  segment to target with what resources.

Custom Analytics
Customized analytics and insights to help you tie community performance to your desired outcomes. (Enterprise only)

Event Management

Engage members virtually with meetups, virtual workshops, webinars, regional discussions, video meetings and more.

Calendar Sync and Subscription
Members can subscribe to any calendar and have events automatically appear on their personal calendar.

Public or Private Events
Have public events for the whole community or private events for smaller sub-groups.

Event Communication Space
Every event has its own communication space to keep the conversation going after every event for questions, learnings, ideas and content.

Conference Links and Embedded video
Link to live conference platforms like Zoom and embed the recorded video for later review.

Invitations + RSVPs
Send personalized invites via SMS, Email and collect RSVPs automatically.

Mobile phones with communication and event examples from the Mobilize community platform


Extensible API
Our rich API ensures Mobilize fits elegantly into your systems and workflows.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)
Use your SSO for authentication. Fully compatible with OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0.

Privacy + Security
Set access permissions, controls and levels across admins, organizers, and managers, with the flexibility to empower users while securing private data.

AWS/Amazon Secure Cloud Platform
Redundant, scalable and secure: the right provisioning to keep IT organization happy.

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Learn more about successful communities launched with Mobilize – from small but impactful networks to huge, world-changing movements and enterprise companies. 


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