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Build strong relationships and communicate at scale with your network of ondemand workers Build strong relationships and communicate at scale with your network of partners.


Keep all data about your members in one network directory

Create unlimited fields with text, location, dates, files, links and more. Use smart filters to find the right people and create cohorts.

Member Directory
  • Member Directory
  • Filtering

It's easy to update a single profile on the platform or via a form

Profiles are live and synced to any new data or communications.

  • Profile
  • Activities
  • Notes

CSV Import & Export

Import your spreadsheet, paste a list of emails, or export your data.

Restful API

Sync the member data in your platform with the Mobilize network directory.

Personal Profile Manager

Edit profile data, view engagement history and make private notes.

Application Form

Publish an external form for new members or applicants to fill out, and their data will flow right into their profile.


Always send the right message to the right people

Filter through your member data to ensure each communication is targeted to the right cohort.

  1. Target specific cohorts

    Target specific cohorts

  2. Add any call to action you wish them to take

    Add any call to action you wish them to take

  3. Reduce friction — members can reply from wherever they are

  4. Track engagement analytics

    Track engagement analytics

  5. Follow up. Close the loop


Control how social you want your network to be

The platform is as flexible as you want it to be — all the way from a centralized location for your members to find you and your content, to a vibrant space for your community to connect and socialize.

  • Make your content easily accessible

    Members no longer need to rely on their inboxes to find content you shared with them. All posts, files and events are now stored in one place.

  • Facilitate connections

    Allow members to find each other and start private conversations.

  • Spark discussion

    Let your members start discussion groups and control how much activity and access they get.


Measure your success

Track member growth, post activity, engagement rates, most engaged groups, and most active members. Easiest reporting ever.

All the features for #mobilizing.

  • Member Management
  • Registration Process
  • Communication
  • Events Management
  • Community Management
  • Analytics
  • Under the Hood

Member Management

  • Groups

    Each group has a unique list of members, email alias, privacy setting, list of database fields and registration form.

  • Network Map

    Parent groups inherit all members and data from child groups automatically.

  • Member Directory

    Keep a database of all your members, with filters and bulk actions.

  • Data Import & Export

    Import your spreadsheet, paste a list of emails, or export your data.

  • Restful API

    Sync the member data in your platform with the Mobilize member directory.

  • Member Profile

    View data for each member. Admins can also see activity history, private message history, and notes.

  • Merged Accounts

    Members can have multiple emails and be in multiple groups. No duplicated contacts (woohoo!).

Registration Process

  • External Application Form

    Members can apply or update their profile via an integrated form.

  • Custom Fields

    Unlimited fields. Choose from drop down, radio, checkbox, text, numbers, location, links, dates, or file upload.

  • Field Privacy Settings

    Fields can be visible to the entire network, to individual members, or only to admins as private data.

  • New Member Approvals

    You can open access to your group registration forms. Track pending members or approve automatically.


  • Email Types

    Send a regular message, email blast with mail merge, custom call to action buttons, event invitation or a poll. Include files, embedded URLs, and images.

  • Centralized Conversations

    View replies stacked by member so your conversations are organized.

  • SMS

    Send timely messages via SMS to your members.

  • Integrated Database

    Select recipients for every message based on the data and filters in the member directory.

  • Private Messaging

    Have private conversations with up to five members across the network.

  • Reply Permissions

    For each message, decide if recipients can reply-all or only privately.

Events Management

  • Communication

    Post events directly to invitees' calendars. Mobilize integrates externally with all calendar clients.

  • RSVP

    Invitees can RSVP from their email, calendar, or on Mobilize. Admins can manually change RSVPs.

  • Calendar

    View all events by group in list view or monthly calendar view.

  • Shareable Group Calendar

    Members can subscribe to each group calendar and view them from their own calendar client.

  • Timezone Support

    Invitation emails and calendar events appear in the local timezone of your members.

Community Management

  • Searchable Content

    Always have one place for you and your members to go back to and find everything.

  • Discussions

    Allow members to post and reply to each other via email and on the platform.

  • Resource Center

    Keep all shared files in a dedicated page for each group.

  • Networking

    Share your member list so the community can connect and thrive. Option to hide email addresses for privacy.

  • Member Permissions

    For each group, decide whether members can post or invite new members.


  • Post Statistics

    Track views, replies, votes, votes by answer, embedded URL clicks, file downloads, and RSVP status.

  • Smart Follow Ups

    Target follow-ups by interactions, such as views or replies, URL tracking, poll responses, and RSVP status.

  • Follow Up Actions

    Follow up with a specific subset of recipients with an email, SMS, event invitation, poll or group invitation.

  • Network Dashboard

    View number of new posts and members over time, most active groups and members, and overall response rate.

  • Notifications

    See live notifications of post replies, private messages, votes and new member applications.

Under the Hood

  • External Integrations

    We integrate with your members' email and calendar clients, so members can interact without logging in.

  • Custom Branding

    Upload your network logo. Customize logos, form headers and descriptions for each group.

  • Custom Domain

    Use a custom sub-domain on, or use your own domain.

  • Multiple Admin Levels

    Assign admin permissions to specific groups or the entire network.

  • Member Notifications

    Members can receive each message, unfollow a specific post, or opt for a daily digest.

  • Social Login

    Optional login via Facebook or LinkedIn, in addition to default email and password.