Community Management

Uplevel your role and let the community flow naturally.

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Member Management

Just like a CRM, manage your community and your outreach all in one solution, with rich profiles, onboarding applications and customer database for targeted segmentation.

Group Structure

Segment your community into groups and subgroups that make it easy for members to find and connect while ensuring you don't lose intimacy as you scale.


Set up moderation through group leadership to ensure you keep the community healthy.

Detailed Analytics

Gauge the health of your community based on real, actionable data.

Permissions Framework

Easily manage user access levels across your community through roles like owner, admins, moderators and members.


Payments can be managed through an integration with Stripe to mark community users as paid or not.

Learn how National Security Technology Accelerator used Mobilize to transform government contracts.

Erik Olbeter, COO, NSTXL

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