Unprecedented access to community data to inform your strategies, tactics and reporting.


Post Analytics

Allow managers to find and mobilize the right subset of members based on their interactions (or lack of interaction).

Custom Analytics

Build custom analytics to understand engagement, tie it to your activities and adapt your community strategy (branded and enterprise customers).

Community Health Report

A report on your community health, with benchmarks and recommendations for improvement, the CHR includes metrics like active members, engaged members, meaningful activities, registrations, commitment, network strength and more.

Member Belonging Index

This proprietary index measures member satisfaction and value-received, and as a result, how engaged they feel - like an NPS score for belonging.

Net Connections

Look "behind the scenes" of the open groups and visualize how members find, connect and collaborate with each other.

Learn how National Security Technology Accelerator used Mobilize to transform government contracts.

Erik Olbeter, COO, NSTXL

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