Gain Intelligence

Understand what users want and how to use that knowledge to drive outcomes. Like a 24 x 7 x 365 focus group, we make it easy to keep a pulse on what matters most to your users, identify key trends and even spot business opportunities. 

Why Mobilize?

Mobilize is the ideal system to understand what matters for your users and how to translate that into actions and results.

The right software (and people) to get stuff done

Qualitative and quantitative intelligence

Polls, discussions and other content types collect data and feedback on trends, ideas or opportunities, which can quickly be turned into decisions.

Mobile phones showing the different qualitative post types in a mobilize community
a server and people connected

Modern, open API

It’s one thing to understand engagement. It’s another to see how that engagement translates into business results. We built our system to connect our data with your backend data and BI systems. Everything you need to transform your organization…and industry. 

Custom reporting

We build custom Community Health Reports that shed light on insights, trends, opportunities for improvement, benchmarking and how you’re performing against your business goals. 

Engagement metrics from a mobilize community
a mobilize post with engagement data in the post

Visual performance metrics

See engagement stats for individual posts in real-time to understand how users are engaging and how to take action based on those interactions. 

All helping you make smarter decisions 

It’s time to graduate to a truly intelligent community platform. No more ad-driven social groups (Facebook, LinkedIn), noisy chat systems or antiquated community software. 

It’s time to turn community into results. 

Supported by a team of intelligence experts

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of Dropbox, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more.

As a Strategic Services customer, we empower you with data-driven insights that help you blow away key business objectives.  

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An example of a strategy question asked from a community strategy expert
A sticky note asking two community strategy questions
A sticky note asking a question about community key performance indicators

Gain intelligence with Mobilize​

Healthy communities are not only active; they drive outcomes. We work hand-in-hand with you and your data to ensure that community becomes the most important driver of your success.

Direct Sales Orgs

Recruit, activate and retain your sellers through a private network that helps them connect, learn, grow and stay motivated during the tough times.

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Drive growth, retention, millennial participation and NDR through a modern professional network.

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Professional Networks

Build a competitive moat that drives your industry forward by becoming the “place to be” for networking, events, learning and more.

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Drive deep, meaningful change by activating and engaging your supporters in the platform behind the biggest digital movements in the world.

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“I can say that in the last eight weeks, we’ve seen $25k in new revenue be driven by using Mobilize.”

Cara Snow
Chief Community Engagement Officer

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engagement to ROI?

Mobilize connects engagement data to business results in clear ways that unlock the value of community.