Boost retention

A healthy community can be the biggest driver of long-term retention. The right combination of software, plan, and team will ensure your users are staying connected, happy and getting the value they need.  

Why Mobilize?

Destroy churn by making members feel seen, heard and valued, and ensuring they get what they need when they need it.

The right technology (and people) to get stuff done

User-first design

Delight your audience with a modern community that’s easy to use on mobile, web or even through email. 

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Different devices that show the Mobilize community user interface
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Identify disengaged users

Monitor users who are a churn risk and have clear ways of reengaging those members through smart triggers.  

Personalize the experience

We make it simple for community managers to design, implement, and run healthy communities at scale where users always feel a part of the network. 

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The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface
Engagement metrics from a mobilize community

Beyond community data

We connect our engagement data to your retention metrics so you can continuously optimize your overall customer experience. 

Let us help you transform retention

Ensure your people are getting value and building the relationships that will keep them happy for the long term. 

Direct Sales Orgs

Recruit, activate and retain your sellers through a private network that helps them connect, learn, grow and stay motivated during the tough times.

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Drive growth, retention, millennial participation and NDR through a modern professional network.

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Professional Networks

Build a competitive moat that drives your industry forward by becoming the “place to be” for networking, events, learning and more.

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Drive deep, meaningful change by activating and engaging your supporters in the platform behind the biggest digital movements in the world.

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“I can say that in the last eight weeks, we’ve seen $25k in new revenue be driven by using Mobilize.”

Cara Snow
Chief Community Engagement Officer

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Cara snow with the Technology Association of Oregon

Ready to improve your retention?

Keep your people engaged over the long run with the right platform for the job and a community strategy aligned to your organizational goals.