Drive Engagement

An engaged community doesn’t just happen. You need the products, strategies and people to keep your users focused on what matters and why, and to create the belonging that sustains their commitment.

Why Mobilize?

Engagement is an overused term that can miss the point. That’s why we don’t just focus on engagement, but the right engagement that drives the right outcomes. 

The right technology
(and people) for the job

Built for belonging

Keep users intimately connected to smaller “local” groups of interest while still feeling part of the larger community. 

Mobilize post types
The Mobilize interface on a mobile phone, the member directory, the post type, the resources that users share, and the Mobilize community management interface

Engagement triggers

Drive your desired engagement through a smart system built to keep people connected and participating. 

Keep people informed

Send periodic digest emails and summaries of relevant content, programs and events to keep users up-to-date with what matters to them.

A laptop and mobile phone showing the Mobilize user interface
Engagement metrics from a mobilize community

Get the insights you need

Understand which groups are disengaged through analytics and take action get them back on track.

Supported by a team of engagement experts

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of Dropbox, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more.

Our engagement planning framework is based on real-world experience and focuses on aligning user motivations to engagement metrics to desired outcomes.

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An example of a strategy question asked from a community strategy expert
A sticky note asking two community strategy questions
A sticky note asking a question about community key performance indicators

Let us help you drive engagement​

If engagement is your goal (or the means to your goal), we’ve got you covered. Talk to us and find out why our strategy + product approach sees 7X industry averages.

Direct Sales Orgs

Recruit, activate and retain your sellers through a private network that helps them connect, learn, grow and stay motivated during the tough times.

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Drive growth, retention, millennial participation and NDR through a modern professional network.

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Professional Networks

Build a competitive moat that drives your industry forward by becoming the “place to be” for networking, events, learning and more.

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Drive deep, meaningful change by activating and engaging your supporters in the platform behind the biggest digital movements in the world.

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“I can say that in the last eight weeks, we’ve seen $25k in new revenue be driven by using Mobilize.”

Cara Snow
Chief Community Engagement Officer

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Cara snow with the Technology Association of Oregon

What would it mean to your org to have 4x engagement?

See what’s possible on Mobilize. Meet the community platform that consistently delivers 3-4x higher industry average engagement.