Activate Your People

The most successful communities capitalize on critical moments of the customer journey, from onboarding to launches to events. 

By focusing on these moments, our software and strategy drives a deep sense of belonging and industry-defining outcomes. 

Why Mobilize?

Nail the “golden window” when people need to connect with your organization and other members, and use those moments to design a lifetime journey. 

The right software
(and people) to get stuff done

Powerful onboarding that sticks

When onboarding is intuitive and valuable, people get the right first impression. Mobilize makes it easy to join, with simple sign-ups, pre-populated fields and guided tours. We ensure everyone feels welcomed and has the resources they need to get going.

Onboarding post type showing a new member within a Mobilize community
Different devices that show the Mobilize community user interface

Access the community from anywhere, anytime

Message users on their preferred channel across web, push, SMS and email. Users can comment, or provide feedback without logging into the community.

Stay focused on what matters

Our philosophy and approach to group structure is purpose-built for activation and engagement. 

Years of experience in digital movements has given us a proven methodology around small group inclusion, distributed leadership, and connection to purpose that makes people feel seen and heard while also feeling connected to the larger vision.

How Mobilize community software organizes people based on groups and context
How an individual can engage with other members in their community.

Connect one-to-one or in groups

Users can find other members easily and network privately in 1:1 or group chats, giving them an always-on medium to connect, learn and grow with their peers.

Interact in meaningful ways 

A flexible content engine allows you to build the right assets such as polls, questions, jobs, recommendations, recognition and videos, ensuring your members have lots of reasons to stay connected. 

A diagram with the different post types a member can engage with using Mobilize.

Supported by a team of activation experts

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of Dropbox, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more.

Our team works with you to create a clear activation plan focused on key engagement periods. The result is a custom, step-by-step playbook and dashboard for the right engagement to drive your desired outcomes.

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Activate your People

Engagement is a means to an end. To build a productive community, you need purpose-built tools and strategies that capitalize on critical moments and keep people connected for life. Make members feel connected and purposeful from Day 1 through Day 10,000 with Mobilize.

Direct Sales Orgs

Recruit, activate and retain your sellers through a private network that helps them connect, learn, grow and stay motivated during the tough times.

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Drive growth, retention, millennial participation and NDR through a modern professional network.

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Professional Networks

Build a competitive moat that drives your industry forward by becoming the “place to be” for networking, events, learning and more.

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Drive deep, meaningful change by activating and engaging your supporters in the platform behind the biggest digital movements in the world.

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“I can say that in the last eight weeks, we’ve seen $25k in new revenue be driven by using Mobilize.”

Cara Snow
Chief Community Engagement Officer

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Need to activate your audience?

With Mobilize, you can connect people with purpose every time they show up.