Our exclusive offer for qualifying associations to help you quickly drive results.
A short message from Dave Hersh, CEO at Mobilize
It's challenging economic times and we're in this together. We're ready to put our money where our mouth is with a revenue generating offer of $25k per customer for 50 customers.


If you book a demo by the end of this month, we will give you:

  1. A Mobilize license for six months, free - up to $18k value
    OR if you're on another platform that isn't working, we'll keep Mobilize free for the remainder of your contract (up to a year). And beat their price if you continue with us.*
  2. Full set up and onboarding, free - $2k value
    We know what works. And our expert team will do the work to help you get set up.
  3. Strategic Services, with results guaranteed - $5K value
    Our hands-on strategy team will help you boost your engagement to 2-4X industry average†. Includes assistance building out a sponsorship plan to make this profitable for you.
  4. Cookies††  - $8.95 value
    Chocolate-chip - they’re our favorite. Just because everyone could use something to brighten their day right now.
Limited to the first 50 who sign up for a demo. Offer expires June 30, 2020 to reserve your no-obligation spot for this offer. 

* From qualified vendors only, at price points over $12k+

† Or we’ll give you give 6-months of additional contract term on Mobilize, free. Engagement is defined here as monthly active users. 2-4x industry average is 10-30% engagement.

†† You may switch cookies for hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Your choice. Brand-name not guaranteed.


We have allocated resources to support the first 50 associations to reserve this offer. Schedule a demo before the end of the month to reserve your spot for this offer (up to $25k value), with no obligations to sign up.  

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$25k in product and services?
Does all of this sound too good to be true?

Terrific!  We spent a lot of time and thoughtful ideation into how we could make it a complete no-brainer and win-win for everyone, so we’re sure this offer is going to raise some eyebrows. If it did, great! We’ve done our job.

Instead of spending money on software, actually make money off it.

We’re so confident you’ll discover just why our customers prefer Mobilize to power their communities (2-3x higher revenues 4x higher engagement, just to name a few) that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Companies should stand 100% by their product. And we do. 
*Based on monthly active users 
**Source: leading community consultant Richard Millington:
Marketing general benchmarking report



Learn how one association turned things around.

Businesses have had to adapt, fast. Since the pandemic hit, we have been helping organizations like critical care nurses and industries in trouble. Associations, too. As events have been cancelled and traditional revenue has dried up, our customers have found different ways to adapt.  

For example, one of our customers – the Technology Association of Oregon – earned tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue in less than two months.
Our team has launched communities for organizations such as the United Nations’ SDSN, corporations such as Salesforce and McGraw-Hill, nonprofits such as the MoveOn, presidential candidates such as Elizabeth Warren, associations such as Association of Critical Care Nurses & Texas Computer Education Association, and many of the best organizations around the world.


It’s time for our community to come together, and we have a solution.

First, we believe it's the right thing to do.

It’s in the DNA of our company to work with innovative partners. We know associations have to innovate during this time and we have a solution that is going to more than pay for itself. Our expert team will help you make sure of it.

We know what Mobilize is capable of and we've already delivered immediate value.

It costs us money to onboard each one of our customers, particularly if we have our team working directly on strategy, setup, and onboarding. But we’re so confident in the results you'll get, we’re willing to make it risk-free for you to try it for yourself. At our cost.

Save your spot >

Offer expires end of the month to book.

To deliver value, and joy.

The platform is designed to deliver immediate value to your association at a time when you need it most — just like we did with the Technology Association of Oregon (who raised tens of thousands of NEW sponsorship revenue in less than 2 months). 

And, we'll send cookies to brighten your day. Just because we like delivering smiles :)


Schedule a demo before the end of the month to reserve your spot for this offer (up to $25k value), with no obligations to sign up. Limited to the first 50 associations to book a demo.