Welcome to your community space

This is the space where all members can interact with one another.In the past, local programs may have had their own community platforms, but not one place where members from all networks could connect and have a global reach. Mobilize will change that, allowing all members from around the world to network, engage and be part of a global community.

What is Mobilize?

Mobilize is the online communication platform for our community.It allows you to create public posts, chat privately with specific members and our staff, find global and local events, host events yourself, access a directory of community members and join topic-specific groups for an even more curated and personalized experience.

Why should I join this global platform?

  • Engage

    Get access to world-leading expertise and opportunities to help shape the purpose and success of our community

  • Find Opportunities

    Our members are better positioned to mobilize resources locally and internationally through our
    brand recognition and additional networking opportunities. Get support from other community members and our organization

  • Support network

    Identify best practices, key actors, and to promote the diffusion of good practices between the members of the community

  • Stay Up-to-date

    Be invited to participate in our community events, meet-ups and networking opportunities and keep updated with the latest from the community

What are some examples of ways I can use Mobilize to my benefit?

Example 1: Support Network

You are looking to connect with members that have expertise in one or more areas related to your personal development you go to Mobilize’s Members page, apply filters and find a list of members who work in your same industry. You click on the chat button at the top of their profile and introduce yourself!

If you’re on the receiving end of this interaction:You receive an email with a message from a community member who wants to connect with you. You decide to meet for coffee or even for a virtual one. You have now met someone working in your same industry in a different location, who is also part of the community.

Example 2: Share and Discuss

Always be in the know! The lounge is a space for you to ask questions, support your peers and get access to knowledge and opportunities in your community.

This space is where we will share perks, best practices, news, and so much more. Plus, it's accessible from wherever you are, there's no need to login to participate, you can comment and reply from wherever you are, through the desktop platform, your email or the Mobilize app.

Example 3: Networking Events

Find and participate in local events or national events throughout the year

Simply subscribe to the community calendar to never miss an event, see who else is joining and meet your peers even before you attend.

How do I get Started?

  • 1

    No login required:

    Tap in to the community knowledge, opportunities, perks, best practices, news and more, from wherever you are , no need to login -  you can comment and reply from where ever you want, email, platform or mobile app.

  • 2

    You can always change your notifications settings:

    Check out this article to see all the different ways in which you can set up your notifications.

  • 3

    Fill out your profile:

    Having an updated profile helps other members in the group get to know you and connect with you for sharing best practices and networking.

  • 4

    Introduce yourself:

    Tell the community a little bit about yourself and what you'd hope to get out of being involved in the community. Give members the chance to give you a warm welcome.

How do I network within Mobilize?

With a network of amazing members, take this opportunity to discover, connect with and help others.

Go for it! Here's how:

Go to the Members tab on desktop or in your mobile app

Use the filters to see people by location, the area of expertise, program, year, etc.

On each person's profile, you can click on the chat bubbleto start a private chat. The recipient will get that in their email inbox and then neither of you needs to log in to continue the conversation.

Set up time for coffee or to chat virtually, meet and change the world :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my notification preferences?

Check out this article in English to see all the different ways you can configure your notifications.

Where do I update my profile?

Changes tour profile fields such as email, current title, current company, your expertise and social media profiles can be made directly in Mobilize (via the app or the desktop platform).

How do I reply to an Discussion Post by email?

If you are receiving instant notifications by email, you can also reply directly from the email.

To respond privately, or just to the author of the publication, simply reply to the email.

To respond so the community can continue the discussion, click reply all

Get in touch with your community leader
We would love to hear your feedback and make this the best experience possible for you. To share your ideas/suggestions please chat to your community manager directly through Mobilize or email