Mobilize your followers with a community

Turn your followers into active volunteers before, after, and during election cycles with a private community.    

Successful movements build communities on Mobilize

Convert your audience into active volunteers

Turn your email list or social media following into an active volunteer base with a community platform made for self-organizing and networking.


Mitigate misinformation with a private community

Don’t let your social media group succumb to misinformation. Standardize the information you want volunteers to share in a private and secure environment.

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Build a movement

Other platforms allow you to reach new volunteers and organize events, but don’t allow volunteers to connect 1:1. With a private community, you can create a sense of belonging and activate volunteers around your cause. 

All in for Warren

All in for Warren came to looking for a way to organize and communicate with thousands of Warren supporters across the United States. With Mobilize, the campaign saw:

* 31% increase in donations after joining the community 
* 100% increase in event attendance
* 500% increase in event hosting
* Of the 10k users who joined at the beginning, 87% were still active 1 year later


MoveOn, a Political Action Committee (PAC), utilized Mobilize to rally voters for the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff election. Using grassroots tactics from the Sanders Presidential campaign, they were able to increase voter turnout by increasing volunteer action by 40%.

Blue and White

The Blue and White party in Israel disrupted an entire election using Mobilize for their community of supporters. Having the ability to network and organize allowed the party to build an engaged user base around a shared cause.

Work with experts who build successful communities

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of Dropbox, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more. We work with you to align your business goals with a tailored community strategy to ensure its success.

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to improve outcomes with your existing community — we have strategies and industry-tailored programs to help you get things done. Schedule a demo for a personalized walk-through of our technology and learn about our expert-led strategy services.