Strategy Session: Why Distributed Leadership?

About This Lesson
Understand what Distributed Leadership is and why it’s a significant predictor of your community’s success. In this expert-led session, you’ll walk away with working knowledge to develop your own Distributed Leadership program now. 

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⇩ Strategy Guide: AASPT Distributed Leadership

Lesson Details

Learn from Alexis Luscutoff, Director of Community Strategy at Mobilize and Jayme Little, Director of Membership Engagement at American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy. 

They’re joining forces to share their own expertise and experiences in applying distributed leadership programs to drive community success. You’ll hear Jayme’s specific approach, based on the Mobilize framework, and understand the goals and outcomes distributed leadership provides. Alexis, having led communities at Asana and Dropbox, will share how she develops distributed leadership programs for clients and will share the Mobilize framework with you. 

Format & Length:
40 min. video strategy session 

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s a Distributed Leadership program and why it’s a predictor of success
  • How to define your Distributed leadership strategy and develop your own 
  • Stakeholder management and leadership buy-in (and why this is essential)
  • How to strike a balance between managing the community and managing the leaders
  • Failures and things to avoid

Meet Your Instructor

Alexis Luscutoff,
Director of Network Strategy

Alexis is the community strategy coach for Mobilize customers. Previously, she launched and managed communities for Asana, Dropbox and a host of other Silicon Valley tech companies. She holds an MA in communication with a specialization in digital communities from Stanford University.

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