How to Build Your
Network Strategy


This is a lesson in building the foundations of your network strategy, including setting goals and defining the business outcomes you plan to impact.

These strategic foundations will be the building blocks for your network’s success. The questions we explore will set you up to build a sustainable and impactful network program that serves your members and your business objectives.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this lesson you’ll be empowered to define your network purpose, clarify how you’re serving your members and your business objectives, and set clear metrics for success. You will walk away from this lesson with the foundations for your very own network strategy.

Alexis Luscutoff
Director of Network Strategy

Meet your instructor, Alexis

Alexis is the network strategy coach for Mobilize customers. Previously, she launched and managed communities for Asana, Dropbox and a host of other Silicon Valley tech companies. She holds an MA in communication with a specialization in digital communities from Stanford University.

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