Communities don't just build themselves.

 Successful communities are more process than product. With Mobilize, you have not only the right technology – but the right experts and methodology – driving the key outcomes that are most important to your org. 

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Technology alone isn’t enough.

You need the right people, too.

Communities are led by people – and the more experienced, the better. Our Strategic Services team has driven some of the most successful communities in the world, and will be your long-term partner in driving results.

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It’s about getting things done.

Want to fix your retention problem? Get ideas to your product team? Resolve inquiries faster? Motivate your sales force? We help you get it done.

When our proven frameworks, experts and software are combined with your team, goals, and vision, the sky’s the limit on what we can achieve together. 

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Our Approach

The Mobilize method creates a value chain – action steps and strategies that each produce an incremental driver of value – in support of your desired end goals.

Step 1: Identify what's valuable

We spend time to uncover what’s valuable to your business, and to your community members. The key to success is aligning member goals with organizational goals.

The new member journey for communities built with Mobilize
A network tree of all of the ways a person can be productive using Mobilize.

Step 2: Orchestrate engagement

Once we know what’s valuable to the community and its members, we recommended engagement tactics and programs that drive outcomes. We iterate, review results and optimize what’s working.

Step 3: Tailor activities for success.

We leverage data and insights to drive the ideal activities for getting things done. As your community grows and needs change, we continuously adapt the method while using other customer examples as inspiration. 

Layered community strategy plan from a mobilize community strategies

Mobilize Academy

Video Lesson

How to Build Your Network Strategy

10 min  |  Build the foundations of your network strategy, including setting goals and defining the business outcomes you plan to impact.

Video Lesson

How to Move Your Events Online

13 min  |  Learn how to transform in-person events into online experiences with Mobilize.

Experts who build successful communities

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of the National Restaurant Association, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more. We work with you to align your business goals with a tailored strategy to ensure success.

Whether you’re just getting started or improving an existing community — we have proven strategies and industry-specific programs. Schedule a demo to learn more.