Welcome to the SDSN Community
We are very excited to be able to count on you in our global network of solutions for sustainable development

SDSN Mobilize is the internal communications platform of the SDSN exclusively for its members .The platform can be used by all its users to share publications, communicate about events, present calls for proposals, share funding opportunities or simply ask questions or share information related to the SDGs.

What is SDSN Mobilize?

The online community platform of the SDSN, SDSN Mobilize allows you to create public publications, chat privately with specific members and the SDSN Secretariat team, find global and local events, organize events yourself, access a member directory of the SDSN and join specific topic groups to get an even more personalized experience.

Why should I join this global platform?

  • Explore and Connect

    Gain access to world-class expertise and experience and connect with your colleagues to increase the reach of your events and projects that help shape the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs in your local context.

  • Identify opportunities

    The members of the SDSN are better positioned to mobilize resources locally and internationally through the recognition of the SDSN brand. Stay up to date on our weekly series of financing opportunities!

  • Support network

    It identifies new prospects for collaboration and promotes the dissemination of good practices among the members of the network.

  • Stay updated

    SDSN Mobilize is the site that brings together all the resources to participate in the implementation of the SDGs through the SDSN projects. Many initiatives are already underway; others will be released soon.

What are some examples of ways to use SDSN Mobilize to get the most out of it?

Example 1: Explore and connect

Do you want to connect with experts who have experience in one or more ODS in particular? Go to the Members page of SDSN Mobilize, apply filters and find a list of members who work in the areas you navigated . Click on the chat button at the top of your profile and introduce yourself!

If you are a recipient of this interaction : You will receive an email with a message from a member of the SDSN who wants to connect with you. They may meet in person or virtually, but in any case, you have now found someone who works in your field and could become a collaborative partner in the future.

Example 2: Stay updated

Find and participate in the local network events of the SDSN or other relevant webinars, courses and conferences in the field of sustainable development. Sharing content is important, and SDSN Mobilize is where you'll find all the main elements!

Simply subscribe to the SDSN calendar to never miss an event, see who else is joining and meet your classmates before you even attend.

How to start?

  • 1

    Complete your profile:

    having an updated profile helps other members of the group to get to know you and connect with you to share good practices and networking.

  • 2

    Introduce yourself:

    tell the community a little about yourself and what you would like to get involved in the community. It offers members the opportunity to give you a warm welcome.

  • 3

    It is not necessary to log in:

    take advantage of the community's technical knowledge, opportunities, benefits, good practices, news and more, from anywhere, without having to log in - you can comment and respond from anywhere: by email , by online platform or in the mobile application.

  • 4

    You can always change the settings of your notifications:

    post  this article  in English to see all the different ways you can configure your notifications.

How do I connect within SDSN Mobilize?

The SDSN has an incredible network of more than 2,000 people from more than 850 institutions around the world.
Take advantage of your membership in the SDSN as an opportunity to discover, connect and help others within the global community of development professionals.

Ahead! Instructions:

Go to the "Members" tab on your computer desktop or in your mobile application

Use the filters  to find people by location, area of ​​expertise, program, year of incorporation, etc.

In the profile of each person, you can  click on the chatbubble ,  click on the chat bubble to start a private chat. The recipient will receive it in their email inbox and neither of them will have to log in to continue the conversation.Coordinate a meeting to have a coffee or chat virtually, get to know each other and change the world 😊

Frequent questions

How can I update my notification preferences?

Check out this article in English to see all the different ways you can configure your notifications.

Where do I update my profile?

The changes to the personalized fields of your profile such as the email, the current title, the current company or organization, your experience and the links to your profiles in social networks, can be done directly in Mobilize (through the mobile application) or the computer platform).

How do I respond to a discussion post by email?

If you are receiving instant notifications by email, you can also reply directly from the email.

To respond privately, or just to the author of the publication, simply reply to the email.

To respond so that the community can continue the discussion, click reply to all.
Get in touch with your community leader

Get in touch with your community leader
We would love to hear your feedback and make this the best experience possible for you. To share your ideas/suggestions please chat to your community manager directly through Mobilize or email