Welcome to the MassChallenge Community

MassChallenge is creating a space where all alumni can interact with one another.In the past, local programs may have had their own community platforms, but not one place where alumni from all programs could connect and have a global reach. Mobilize will change that, allowing all MC alumni from each location (Boston, HealthTech, Israel, Mexico, Rhode Island Switzerland, Texas) to network, engage and be part of a global MassChallenge community.

What is Mobilize?

Mobilize is the MassChallenge Global Alumni online community management platform.It allows you to create public posts, chat privately with specific alumni and MC staff, find global and local alumni events, host events yourself, access a directory of MassChallenge alumni, and join topic-specific groups for an even more curated and personalized experience.

Why should I join this global alumni platform?

  • Engage

    To further engage and connect with the MC global alumni community of entrepreneurs through networking, asking questions, showcasing wins, learning from, etc.

  • Find Opportunities

    To remain engaged / re-engage with MC and be considered for opportunities such as partner introductions, media features, etc.

  • Support network

    To engage with, support and help other MC entrepreneurs around the world.

  • Stay Up-to-date

    To hear about local and/or global opportunities and events that are relevant to me and my startup.

What are some examples of ways I can use Mobilize to my benefit?

Example 1: Support Network

You are looking to open an office in a new city and trying to find someone to help you navigate the local landscape. You go to Mobilize’s Members page, apply filters and find a list of MC alumni who work in your same industry and live in the new city. You click on the chat button at the top of their profile and introduce yourself!

If you’re on the receiving end of this interaction:You receive an email with a message from an MC Alum who wants to connect with you. You decide to meet for coffee. You have now met someone working in your same industry in a different location, who is also part of the MassChallenge network.

Example 2: Networking Events

You’re hosting a meetup that you think would be relevant to people in your industry/ local community.

You create an event in Mobilize and use filters to find the right people to invite. Invited attendees get a notification and can hit a button to add the event to their online calendar.

As the organizer you see who RSVP’d in Mobilize and can follow up with those who haven’t replied. Your local MC alumni manager can also see this event has been created and keep track of it and help with any needs you may have.

How do I get Started?

  • 1

    No new account needed:

    You can log in to Mobilize with your Accelerate account. Forgot your password? Reset it here: https://accelerate.masschallenge.org/accounts/password/reset

  • 2

    No login required:

    You will receive a daily digest via email with the recap of posts and comments. You can click on “Visit Group” at the end of the email to participate.​

  • 3

    You can always change your notifications settings:

    Check out this article to see all the different ways in which you can set up your notifications.

  • 4

    Fill out your profile:

    Having an updated profile helps other members in the group get to know you and connect with you for sharing best practices and networking.

  • 5

    Introduce yourself:

    Tell the community a little bit about yourself and what you'd hope to get out of being involved in the community. Give members the chance to give you a warm welcome.

How do I network within Mobilize?

MassChallenge has an amazing network of 1,500+ alumni.Take this opportunity to discover, connect with and help others.

Go for it! Here's how:

Go to the Members tab on desktop or in your mobile app

Use the filters to see people by location, the area of expertise, program, year, etc.

On each person's profile, you can click on the chat bubbleto start a private chat. The recipient will get that in their email inbox and then neither of you needs to log in to continue the conversation.

Set up time for coffee or to chat virtually, meet and change the world :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can update my notification preferences?

Check out this article to see all the different ways in which you can set up your notifications.

Where do I update my profile?

If you are receiving instant notifications by email, you can also reply directly from the email.

To respond privately, or just to the author of the publication, simply reply to the email.

To respond so the community can continue the discussion, click reply all

  • Changes to non-permanent fields such as current job title, current company, your expertise and social media profiles can be made directly in Mobilize (via the app or the desktop platform).
  • Changes to more permanent fields such as your last name or email address can be updated directly via Accelerate.
  • Changes to your startup profile (e.g. company name, logo, short pitch, long pitch) can be updated directly via Accelerate.

What if my startup got acquired, is no longer alive or I’ve moved on?

That’s OK! You are still an invaluable asset for our community of entrepreneurs and we want you to help you succeed in your next venture.

Share your feedback
We would love to hear your feedback and make this the best experience possible for you. To share your ideas/suggestions please chat with your community leader directly through Mobilize or email alumni@masschallenge.org