Welcome to your Community
We are excited to have you join us in leading our global network of problem solvers

Mobilize is our community's internal communications platform exclusively for our Members. The platform can be leveraged by all its users to share content, communicate about events, tap into community resources, share opportunities and best practices or simply ask questions, all in creating great added value for each member.

Being a part of the Mobilize team

Be a part of the team leading your online community of problem solvers. Engage members with important news, opportunities and proposals. Promote meaningful connections between members so that they can really learn from each other, share best practices and become an extremely valuable global support network.

Empowering our community, together.

  • Engage & Enable

    Make a difference. Share world-leading expertise and help increase outreach for events and projects that help shape our community.

  • Promote Networking

    You know your community members best! Help them meet each other, connect and create meaningful connections so that they can learn from each other and share.

  • Build a Support Network

    Identify best practices, key actors, and promote the diffusion of important information, topics and content between the members of the network

  • Be a part of the team

    Our community on Mobilize is the one-stop-shop to participate hands-on in building and shaping the future of our community. Be a part of the team that helps our community become stronger, more supportive and valuable to our members.

What's my role in the community?

Facilitate meaningful connections

You have the opportunity to facilitate meaningful connections between your members. Help them meet each other by creating virtual meetups, chats and raising topics that you know are relevant for the members.

When your members network they can truly feel the value that this community gives them, and you become a key part of making that magic happen.

Use the power of the member database to learn more about the members and help them connect to start sharing best practices and help each other with their own networks.

Build and manage a Support Network

Teamwork makes the dream work! Together we will help create a thriving support network for our SDSN community members. The feed allows you to share content, update member with the latest SDSN news, promote sharing best practices between members and more.

To help you get the community going we've created some engagement, content management and networking tools that you can use in your group.

Downloadable goodies:
Content Planner
Engagement Ebook

Manage communications like a pro

The Outreach Center is the place where you manage all your email blasts and text messages. Personalize your communications by using merge tags, animated GIFs, pictures, interactive buttons and more.

You can even segment your communication by sending your blasts to selected members or the entire group.

Check out this section which explains all the ins and out of the outreach center and how to make the most of it.

learn more

All your member data in one place

Just like a CRM, here you can unlock valuable information from the members of your group, invite new members, and see who is waiting to join.

It's your database where you can arrange and segment your group easily to make your communications and every message personal, relevant and helpful.

Check out this section which explains all the ins and out of the outreach center and how to make the most of it.

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Ok, let's get started! What's first?

  • 1

    Make your group feel like home:

    Add your group logo in the settings area of your group

  • 2

    Promote Networking

    Check out this article to see all the different ways in which you can set up your group's email notifications.

  • 3

    Create a welcome post and pin it:

    The first communication you have with new members is very important. It’s the first impression you’re making to your new community.

    Think of it as a virtual welcome booth that will:

    • Set the tone for your group
    • Address important house rules and etiquette
    • Direct new members to where they can find more information about the community
    • Instructions on how new members can introduce themselves

Here are some tips & hacks we prepared for you

Being a group manager is very gratifying but it's not always easy.We wanted to let you know that we are here for you, to support you along the way.Here are 3 great videos to start with...

Engagement Hacks 02:39

How do I create and raise engagement inmy community? Sounds like a familiar question.

Introduction Posts 02:39

This hack is all about introduction posts andhow they can get members to be more involved from the get go.

Setting House Rules 02:39

We all need a set of guidelines so that weknow what we can and cannot do or act in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my member communicate with the group without signing in?

You don't have to invite your members to join Mobilize for them to be able to receive messages from you. Once you've added their email address to your group, they can communicate with the group straight from their own inbox. Learn more here.

Find your group email address below the name of the group at the top of the screen:

How can I control the information members can see about each other?

Increase networking and make it easier for your members to get to know one another by highlighting their info on their profile cards in the member's section. You can control the fields that show in the member cards by editing them. Learn more here.

Want to make your posts more engaging? Try using Emoji✌️

You may know how to use Emoji on your phone and in many different apps.  But did you know on many computers it is an added, hidden feature that you can use across the web?

You can insert emojis into messages in different ways, depending on your OS.

  • On Mac/OSX, head to Edit > Emoji & Symbols menu item to bring up the emoji picker.

    Pro Tip: use ctrl + command + space to bring up the emoji picker
  • For Windows, you'll need to find the emoji keyboard.
  • Alternatively, you can use http://getemoji.com/ and copy and paste the emojis directly.​

Learn more here.

Get in touch with your community leader
We would love to hear your feedback and make this the best experience possible for you. To share your ideas/suggestions please chat to your community manager directly through Mobilize