How Salesforce Accelerate Ditched Disparate Tools for a Single Source of Truth


of members network in private chats


of members post every month

The Problem: Struggling with “Tool Fatigue”

Salesforce Accelerate is a program designed to provide the insights, learning, and support that startups need to align with Salesforce and accelerate their success with the AppExchange. For the duration of the program, members receive mentorship, support through conferences and workshops, and promotion through the Salesforce ecosystem. Members also connect with each other to share project ideas, receive advice, and collaborate on projects.

Before Mobilize, Salesforce relied on multiple tools and manual processes to organize, connect members with each other and introduce mentors. The community manager and members communicated via email, Slack, spreadsheet, and events on Google. It was unclear who saw what information and where, which led to a disjointed and inefficient experience for the startups.

The community products they tried were overwhelming, complicated, and required time-consuming consulting and customization. Salesforce needed a simple, elegant and efficient solution for streamlining communications and connections.

The Partnership: The All-in-one Potential of Mobilize

Salesforce Accelerate pulled all of the community, data and communications together with Mobilize. Community members and mentors connect easily using Mobilize’s seamless email connection, directory and profiles, threaded messages, private chats and events. In contrast to the noisy “always on” communication in chat systems like Slack, the Accelerate community could support richer conversations that played out over time and promoted a deep sense of community and belonging.

Program members are matching up with game-changing mentors through custom registration form, rich profiles, and an interactive member database. Salesforce is no longer the “introduction bottleneck” and members are empowered to find mentors by searching the database, contacting the mentor directly, and awaiting their opt-in response.

The Results: Consolidated Management, Impressive Engagement

Startups love the community and feel like they’re getting more value from the relationship with Salesforce. 76% of community members have RSVP’d to events and a whopping 99% of community members have joined a community subgroup and 50% have engaged 1:1 via private chat. A truly illustrative stat is the number of net connections: nearly 300 among its 450 members. Finally, Salesforce Accelerate’s community blows typical community metrics out of the water with near-perfect numbers, 97% post views and 73% post clicks.


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