How Texas Association of Counties Turned an Old Listserv into a Vibrant Community


Engagement after two months


Views on Posts

The Problem: An Outdated Listserv = No Community

The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) is the representative voice for all Texas counties and officials. The mission of TAC is to provide resources for counties and help them achieve better solutions through communication with state officials and the general public.

TAC came to Mobilize with an engaged community of 30 functional groups, but outdated processes that inhibited members from truly connecting and getting value out of the community. TAC relied heavily on one-to-many emails and an antiquated listserv that broke regularly. After an important list broke, TAC was desperate to move onto a modern, functional, and interactive community platform.

The Partnership: Modernizing Communications with Mobilize  

TAC selected Mobilize as its gateway into the modern era for membership communications and community. It could mirror the functionality of the listserv while moving the community into the future with modern web and mobile features. Mobilize accommodated TAC’s strict requirements for cyber security and insurance coverage, so their team was free to manage their community without worry.

TAC is now able to foster robust and meaningful two way conversation using Mobilize’s seamless email integration. Community members can learn more about each other through member card signatures in emails and posts, and TAC can thoughtfully target their communications to the appropriate audience using Mobilize’s member directory.

Results: An Awakened Membership Forming New Connections

Members loved the 1:1 chat. For the first time, they could find the right people and communicate with them easily. In two months, TAC has rolled out to half of their groups, and the results have been amazing.

“The launch has gone off without a hitch. People are excited. Even groups that hadn’t sent any communication in a while were instantly excited about the new platform. It’s stirring up engagement in groups that were quiet for years.” - Dawn Noufer, Program Manager

Just a few months in, views are at 66% and engagement is at an impressive 35%, which is expected to grow even further.


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