How TAO Bridged the Gap Between Live and Virtual


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The Need to Blend Live with Virtual

The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) supports entrepreneurship, connects peers and decision makers, and helps establish the Northwest as a global hub for innovation. TOA has 15 sub-communities of interest and empowers member companies to expand their networks, support employee growth, and increase brand awareness and regional impact.

TAO has long been building community among its members through in-person trainings, networking events, and advocacy for the technology industry in Oregon. Some of TAO’s subcommunities created groups on Slack, but the immediacy of Slack did not accommodate their members’ varying schedules and it was difficult to find valuable content through the noise.

TAO’s strategic goal is to foster community in person and online, and to embody a membership organization of the future. They strive for their virtual engagement to be just as robust as their in-person engagement, but until now their numbers were falling short. TAO provided fantastic value in-person, but they were missing a meaningful way to connect their members online.

Hear Skip talk about TAO's experience with Mobilize.

The Partnership: Streamlining Communication, Validating Membership, Staying Connected

With Mobilize, TAO has artfully combined in person and online experiences for their community members. Just a few months after launch, TAO already has twelve active Mobilize groups for communities of interest to support their live events. TAO is empowering leaders to manage these groups, educating them about the community ecosystem that can pair online connection to in person experiences. In addition, TAO has incorporated their Mobilize community into the membership on-boarding experience. TAO adds each new cohort of members to the online community when they first join, so the online experience is integrated into the benefits that TAO provides to its members from the very beginning.

Now that its foundational community processes are in place, TAO plans to leverage Mobilize’s events feature to arrange virtual events and also cross reference the success metrics of both online and in person experiences as part of the community team’s strategic goal. They also have analytics on member engagement, which makes justification of membership benefits a lot easier.

The Results: Early Wins, Huge Potential

“We have been looking for quite some time to solve our community engagement challenges, but had a fragmented approach before Mobilize. Now we have a community platform for realtime collaboration and networking needs, events and content. It’s a game changer that we can now measure how many employees in (member) companies are involved, which we could never do. And CEO engagement is very high, which we didn’t see on any other platform - it’s intuitive enough and allows them to engage easily.”  

  • Skip Newberry, CEO

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