How Kahal Created a Rich Student Community and Built Lifelong Friendships


New Connections Made


Two-year Member Growth

The Problem: A Disconnected Mess of Social Media, Newsletters and Spreadsheets

KAHAL Abroad facilitates transformational Jewish experiences for study-abroad students. KAHAL aspires to give tens of thousands of Jewish students the resources, tools, and connections to connect with the Jewish community and deepen their Jewish identity during one of the most important, meaningful, and enduring experiences of their lives.

The word KAHAL literally means “community” in Hebrew so community is core to their work. However the team struggled to build community and keep tabs on their members, relying on incomplete member details and newsletters for outreach, while students tried using Facebook and WhatsApp ineffectively to connect. KAHAL couldn’t scale or sustain engagement and they needed a way to light up their community.

The Partnership: One Integrated Solution

Mobilize streamlined KAHAL’s backend community operations and fostered authentic engagement online and offline. KAHAL’s community team used the CRM capabilities of the outreach center and member database to pull personal details and interests in the registration form and made those details available for targeted and meaningful outreach.

Mobilize gives students a sense of belonging wherever they go in the world. Students connect in regional groups and learn what is happening through the events feature. They then use the public feed and private chat to connect with fellow students, local community members, and KAHAL staff. KAHAL’s branded mobile app is a helpful resource for students on-the go who don’t want to rely on their cell network to community. After their study abroad semester is complete, program alumni, including students and local community members, remain connected around the world using KAHAL’s online community.

The Results: A Thriving Community and Lifelong Friendships

“We are just scratching the surface of what Mobilize allows us to do, but it’s already creating a snowball effect of connections around real shared value. The networking builds up as students feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Without Mobilize in the center, the students wouldn't understand what they are a part of and the staff wouldn’t have the capacity to work with as many people. The potential is limitless...and it’s creating lifelong friendships.”

- Alex Jakubowski, Executive Director

New Connections Made


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