How DutchChain Built the World's Largest Blockchain Hackathon to Solve the World's Problems


Monthly Engagement

The Problem: Traditional Community Platforms Don't Drive Lasting Engagement

DutchChain is a blockchain ecosystem that helps members create teams and solve challenges using blockchain. DutchChain hosts Odyssey, an annual blockchain & AI hackathon where top teams alongside government, corporate, and non-profit partners co-create solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Throughout the year, DutchChain supports ongoing innovation projects and fosters community around blockchain.

Prior to Mobilize, DutchChain used a forum-based community platform for their members, but it wasn’t effective at fostering the community and collaboration they needed. DutchChain wanted an interactive platform for community, communication and networking that generated true engagement both during and in between events. DutchChain also needed member intelligence and complex data management that the forum couldn’t provide.

The Partnership: Mobilizing a Hackathon and Beyond  

DutchChain worked with the Mobilize team to create custom registration and on-boarding workflows and to empower group leaders with best practices for community management. DutchChain uses the registration data to vet members and direct them to the appropriate groups.

Mobilize has become the hub for DutchChain to educate and connect hackathon members to sponsor companies, industry experts, academics and independent developers. Instead of collaborating only at the hackathon, members are connected year round and continue to form tight connections.

“Mobilize has been an incredibly useful tool for us to stay in touch with the community and be the ‘library’ for our members, where they can find, share and discuss the content relevant to them. During the Hackathon, it was the main channel of communication for 100 teams, 200 ‘Jedi’ experts, and 100 other supporters to exchange information, find relevant people and engage in the live-chatting feel of the Hackathon.” - Anna Atamas, Community Manager

The Results: Ongoing Connection and Networking

DutchChain’s Mobilize community achieved tremendous community milestones leading up to and during the Odyssey hackathon in April with over 80% of members viewing and 23% engaging. Community members were connecting one-on-one and with the larger community and resources that Odyssey provides. But more importantly, members were connected throughout the leadup to the event, and have continued to stay connected.

Next, DutchChain will continue to engage its ecosystem beyond the hackathon to continue momentum and drive community growth with Mobilize.

Steady Growth from Launch through Hackathon
Overall Engagement Metrics


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