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Dermalogica is a Unilever-owned skin care brand focused on enlightened skin health. The products are only available from qualified partner resellers, all of whom are skin care professionals trained at the International Dermal Institute.


How Dermalogica revolutionized reseller communications and connected a global sales organization. 

20 %
Engage in feedback polls
20 %
Reply to community posts
45 %
Connect in topic-specific sub-groups

The Problem
With over 100,000 partners distributed across the globe, Dermalogica struggled with Facebook groups and email as the primary communication tools with their reseller partners. They needed a way to own the conversation and keep a global team of resellers connected to HQ in an easy, modern approach. 

The Solution
The Mobilize strategy team put together a tailored community strategy and had the Dermalogica team up and running with a unified reseller community outside of Facebook groups and email—in just a few weeks. 

The Problem: A Disconnected, Distributed Reseller Base

With 100,000 partners around the world, Dermalogica was not tapping into the potential of their reseller therapist partners. Partners needed a place to connect and get the latest information from Headquarters—and to share product feedback, peer learnings and gather insights from other parts of the globe. 

They tried Facebook groups and email platforms, but struggled to communicate with so many different roles, divisions and information needs in a global, distributed workforce. 

One-size-fits-all communication wouldn’t scale in this scenario, so it became clear that Dermalogica needed a solution that gave each reseller a way to connect and communicate in ways that were flexible but where headquarters could own the conversation. Dermalogica also lacked the data and analytics to understand the impact of their messaging to their reseller partners and if partners were engaging or even reading the messages.


The Solution: Modern Communications and an Active, Unified Community

Dermalogica needed a way to streamline and personalize communication, and to build a strong community where partners felt comfortable sharing experiences, learnings and feedback with each other—and with headquarters. 

So they enlisted the help of Mobilize after a stroke of inspiration at an executive retreat. The executive team knew they needed something different – something like what they had seen at Silicon Valley tech companies. So, Dermalogica CEO Aurelian Lis visited Mobilize with his team. 

During the visit, the Mobilize strategy experts developed a tailored community strategy and helped get the Dermalogica reseller community up and running in just a few weeks. Their global reseller organization was able to quickly connect and engage with headquarters and each other—using web, mobile, and email conversations. Teams thrived with topic-specific and feedback specific groups with polls and two-way dialogue via chat and messages. Unlocking incredible information sharing, networking and overall learning in their community. 

The Results: Vibrant Reseller Communication and Participation

Six months into this new way of connecting, the community came alive. “ROI has definitely been very high,” says Angela Taylor, Dermalogica’s Education Director. “In a number of areas…” These areas include:

Focus: Mobilize opened the door for Dermalogica partners to learn, connect and establish groups based on targeted need and focus on what matters.

Dialogue: Dermalogica engages partners in a two-way communication model and can track that engagement via insights in the platform.

Simplicity: The ease of use, fun features, and email, web and mobile options worked well for the broad range of skills and international audience and has driven broad adoption.

Targeting: The member database and outreach center make it easy to find and connect with people based on segments and needs. What’s more, Dermalogica’s communications are now two-sided. Community members are able to reply to outreach directly via email and continue the conversation between each other through community posts, replies, and private chats—unlocking valuable feedback from their reseller partners. 

Getting a Pulse: Polls have turned out to be a great way to understand how the community is feeling and make changes quickly. Also, they’ve proven to be incredibly valuable for gathering product and customer feedback. 

Planning: Scheduling posts to be delivered at the right time was critical for an international audience to ensure messages were engaged with and discoverable during normal business hours.‍

Communications have become multi-directional, with community members actively creating, replying, and clicking on posts. Dermalogica’s community far exceeds typical 90-9-1 community engagement metrics (and even further over their previous attempts), as 39% of members reply to posts, 33% vote on polls and 31% participate in private conversations.

In addition, Dermalogica’s choice to establish groups based on verticals has been especially effective, with 97% of community members joining a second group beyond the parent community. These numbers indicate a high level of connection between community members, and Dermalogica’s successful strategy and implementation with Mobilize.

“Mobilize allows us to be more agile as a global organization. Our therapists and employees can collaborate easily and quickly.”

Work with experts who build successful communities

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of Dropbox, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more. We work with you to align your business goals with a tailored community strategy to ensure its success.

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