The Future of Customer Experience: A Human-Centered Stack

Creating a customer experience where insights present themselves that you've never had before, and lead to the kind of competitive advantage that's untouchable by your competitors.
Human Centered Stack

Last year, Mobilize was hired by the Elizabeth Warren Presidential campaign as their Digital HQ. They needed to organize 50,000 volunteers around the country. 

Regardless of where your political affiliations lie, you have to respect what her campaign pulled off. In a short time, they took pole position in the Democratic race through determination, grit…and modern grassroots organizing. 

It wasn’t knocking on doors. It was mobilizing at scale. Working with their team, we made 50,000 volunteers feel like 500 by weaving the fabric of human connection through every action. 

People could organize a neighborhood viewing party while contributing to a national discussion on gun violence. And it all felt like one family. 

Donations jumped more than 30% and hosting of events jumped more than 5X. And they did it without hiring additional resources—that’s the power of a peer connected private network. Intimacy at scale. 

The new OS of high-growth companies

It’s how businesses will thrive in the new era: the human-centered stack. Where we put a private community at the center. It’s where meaningful connections and human interactions are at the core of the business and the resulting interaction data improves the surrounding systems and decisions. Where global feels like local.

Image of human-centered stack diagram

Beyond CRM, CDP, and all the other “systems of record” where we centralize customer data—this approach understands what customers truly need and want through real interactions. It goes beyond “name, rank and serial number” into goals, aspirations, connections and intentions—shared through conversation and connection. 

No longer a secret

The great organizations of today, from Salesforce to Peloton, are powered by a new fuel: belonging. By giving customers a place to connect and grow with peers, businesses learn people’s experiences, dreams, aspirations, needs, situation and skills. It’s an enlightened agreement between buyer and seller. And it’s changing business for the better. 

It’s not about bots collecting web data to push product and content. It’s a healthy and open exchange of information from customers and companies. Doing the right thing for customers drives an impenetrable moat for companies because they own the network and the environment where all the real interaction takes place. Driving deeper connection to your organization through an amazing customer experience that actually helps your customers improve their lives.

A human-centered approach just works

It makes the whole system function better. How? 

  1. Events: From conferences to training to in-store meetups, a private professional network boosts attendance and makes events better through networking, archiving and demand optimization. 
  2. Business Intelligence: A deeper understanding of people blossoms. It’s like going from a one page CV to their autobiography. And you can connect the dots between how people engage and the results of that engagement, from growth to retention to NPS.  
  3. Marketing: No longer pushing basic content at overwhelmed individuals, you’re inviting them to participate based on their profile, connections, interactions and desires. And you actually have a conversation, ask questions and get to a deeper understanding of what your customer audience truly needs.
  4. Back office: You improve the systems that make your company hum, like CRM and Customer Support, by passing rich interaction information and intelligence—the kind of qualitative insights that fuel better experiences in systems and drive big innovation.

But at the core, a human-centered stack creates an exceptional customer experience. One where customers feel seen, heard, understood and valued. Where your customers tap into a peer-driven network of other customers and together, help make your organization, your products, and your existence fundamentally better.

Why make the shift now?

For a long time, community has been an “off to the side” experiment, separate from the underpinnings of the business and what matters most. With no way to measure its success or justify its existence other than resolving support questions. 

That’s changing, quickly. 

Here at Mobilize we’re seeing the long-awaited marriage of executives and community managers around one strategy: create belonging for customers and members that drive real results. Rich connection meets rich data, and the human-centered stack is the foundation.

Organizations adopting the human-centered stack are transforming their customer experience and thus their business and their industry. And it’s just the beginning. 

This kind of customer experience drives growth, loyalty and sustainable differentiation. Companies finally own their network by engaging people in the right way—on a personal level, with real conversation. And they learn more than they thought possible about the needs of their customers.

Creating an environment where insights you’ve never had before present themselves and lead to the kind of competitive advantage that’s untouchable by your competitors. 

Putting your customer at the center isn’t something new—but putting the customer at the center in a personal environment where real human conversations and connections happen, is.

2020 forced us to to get comfortable connecting virtually.

In 2021 we’ll ride this momentum into a new way to architect experience, and the companies who make the shift quickly, will see an incredible pay-off.

You’re already in the right mindset for a shift in 2021 because you’re reading this. If you’re ready to put this approach in motion for your organization, let’s have a conversation.

You can start by connecting with me.

Work with experts who build successful communities

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