The Do’s & Don’ts of Online Community Communication

Quick hitting reminders of the do's and don't in your online community communication.

Online community communication within a large group can be a mix of many emotions. It can be intimidating yet empowering, scary yet exciting. One helpful way to navigate large group online community communication is by establishing group rules.

Rules vary from community to community, but there are several universal ones that can be applied to communities in all different industries.

DO welcome new members.

DON’T ask them to introduce themselves if they feel uncomfortable.

DO establish ‘house rules’ for communication.

DON’T say “anything goes.” You’ll regret it later.

DO celebrate birthdays and professional wins.

DON’T forget to congratulate members when they share exciting news.

DO allow a brag day.

DON’T turn your community into a spam forum.

DO keep track of member engagement.

DON’T publicly ask someone where they are and why they haven’t been active in a while.

DO make a list of everyone’s social media accounts to keep the community connected.

DON’T put people on it without permission.

DO make time to listen to individual members to understand why they’re part of the community.

DON’T forget to have fun!

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