🦃 Thanksgiving Community Challenge: The Power of Gratitude

November 20, 2018

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, don’t just send a mass post with a holiday meme to your community or Facebook page. TL:DR - Added some templates you can copy and modify for your community below 👇

“Thank you” is one of the most powerful, game-changing phrases in business (and life), and we’re wasting it.  

This year, I am challenging all of us to do better.

This year, take advantage of Private Chat in Mobilize and take some time to send each member a sincere, personal thank you that shows them why you’re grateful they are a member of your community.

And if you have hundreds or thousands of members and can’t make the time to do it for all of them this week, that’s okay; the Outreach Center is a great way to make personalized messages for your community members.

You can take advantage of the profile fields and merge them into your message.  Mix them up too!  If you have different groups of members, create different messages.  One for members who have an upcoming birthday, or have been a member for a few years, or just joined are some great examples.

“Thank you's” are too important - and too powerful to keep them for one holiday.

Next week, when every other community has forgotten about the power of gratitude… you won’t.

And neither will your members!

Go break a drumstick 😉

And if you live outside the USA, or do not celebrate- then Happy Festivus to the restofus!

There doesn't need to be a reason to say thank you!!

Here is an extra treat:

Feel free to copy and customize.  Send us some of your best and we may feature some :)

Recently Added (since sept) 👶

Hey <Member Name>,

I know you’ve only been a part of the community for a little while but we wanted to just say thank you so much! We are really grateful to have you on board!

As you are getting to know your fellow community members, it’s always fun to introduce yourself to the community!  It’s a great way to share why you joined and what your community does!  Who knows, there may be similar communities in our group looking for someone to collaborate with!

Got questions?  We have answers, check out the Chat area to message your community leaders or Member lounge to network with other members!

Seasons Greetings :)

STAR Engagers🌟

Hi <Member name>,

I wanted to say thank you! In the time you have spent in the community you have really been a mover and shaker. Your contribution and involvement have been priceless and have helped the other members of the community grow and learn.

So thanks, from us at Mobilize, for being involved and if you think of any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know!

Cheers :)

Everyone Else 🐳

Hi <Member name>,

I want to say thank you!

Thanks for being a part of our community and sharing your story with us. We hope that you are making the most of it and are getting value from being involved.

From us at the Mobilize team, we just want to say thank you for being involved and if you think of any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know!

Best :)

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