Nonprofits Creating A Movement: Overcoming 4 Common Challenges Using Mobilize

April 19, 2017

My professional journey prior to Mobilize was an interesting mix of working with tech companies and volunteer-based organizations. The common thread between every role I ever had was the way our success relied on bringing groups and communities together. While such organizations were able to attract a lot of supporters, the main challenge was keeping people engaged and motivated to take action over time.

Frustrated by the lack of tools to support group managers, I decided to build my own. The first step was to interview some of the biggest global mobilizers—such as the Italian political movement, Movimiento—and campaign managers. My research led me to identify the patterns—like poor communication and ongoing participation—that became the foundation of our product, all of which are listed below.

As a nonprofit, chances are you’ve experienced one of the following problems which is why we built Mobilize to solve them.

Problem: Poor CommunicationMobilize Solution: Communicating efficiently with volunteers is a big challenge for many nonprofits. Mobilize is an all-in-one communication platform pulling the best features from platforms such as Google Groups, Facebook Groups, ListServ, and MeetUp, that are key for volunteer-based organizations.

Problem: Lack of Member InformationMobilize Solution: Member DirectoryMany nonprofits fail to gain momentum around their movement because they simply don’t have enough information about their members either in terms of their demographics or interests. Using Mobilize, organizations can rely on the Member Directory to collect detailed profiles that helps organization leaders get to know and engage with their communities in a way that is meaningful to them.

Problem: Ongoing ParticipationMobilize Solution: Follow-Up Filters ensure that our customers are communicating with their members at the right times and encouraging the right people to take action based on previous interactions. Hundreds of nonprofits have seen an increase in active and ongoing participation by using this capability of the Mobilize platform.

Problem: Tracking Participation & EngagementMobilize Solution: It’s challenging to keep track of communication and activity when managing large numbers of people at scale. Our Built-In Analytics allows nonprofits to see who’s clicked on an email, or downloadable action guide—which is very important to keeping people engaged.

Mobilize was created to build powerful movements. We believe that when people work together, anything can be accomplished. Our hope is that Mobilize will amplify your nonprofit’s mission, making the world a better place.

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