Introducing… Hashtags!

We’re excited to announce Mobilize’s all-new editor experience, including hashtags. 

Our editor has some exciting new functionality, a much higher quality user experience, and unlocks new ways to understand what’s trending in your community.

Let’s dive in.

We’ve added #hashtags to the editor!

Hashtags are a great way to tag/categorize your content and make it easy for users to find the specific and relevant information they are looking for.

Additionally, Mobilize Data Studio customers have the ability to gain unique insights into what hashtags are trending and how members are interacting with them. When a user starts typing a hashtag, we assist by showing the top ten most similar hashtags within your community, and make it easy to auto-complete. 

Spell check

We know spelling is of the utmost importance when drafting a post. Editors should have spell check… And now ours does too.  

Improved Global Search

Hashtags within posts, comments, Community Digest emails and other notifications are clickable and take you directly to Global search within your community, automatically showing results. Including the # before a search term returns tagged content in the order of “most similar,” helping members find what they are looking for much faster.

Improved UX (user experience)

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot and paste it in the editor? Now you can! You can also drag and drop images, upload multiple images, and resize them all within the new editor. YES!

Additionally, the new editor supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts that match standard shortcuts across other platforms:

  • (Cmd + B) Bold
  • (Cmd + I) Italic
  • (Cmd + U) Underline
  • (Cmd + K) Add a link

Improved Link previews

Link previews look much better now. We love this because they help members preview link content and entice them to engage.

Simply copy and paste a link from your favorite piece of content and the preview creates itself when possible. 

Comments Redesign 

Mobilize is an asynchronous platform that encourages thoughtful discourse. Our previous comments & replies design looked and felt a lot like an SMS (text message) conversation on your phone.

One drawback to this design is that it subconsciously encourages members to reply with succinct, curt responses. But more often than not, conversations in Mobilize are deeper and solicit responses that are more like posts themselves.

By redesigning the comment and reply experience we’ve brought more consistency and familiarity to how we read and respond to posts. The new design encourages longer form, thoughtful responses and the new editor makes creating posts, comments and replies frictionless. 

Accessibility Improvements

Every editor in the Mobilize experience now provides industry leading accessibility features which should drastically improve the experience for members leveraging screen readers. Additionally, all Posts, and Comments are WACG 2.1 Compliant. 

Work with experts who build successful communities

Mobilize is made up of community experts who have launched communities for the likes of the National Restaurant Association, United Nations’ SDSN, Dermalogica, and more. We work with you to align your business goals with a tailored community strategy to ensure its success.

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to improve outcomes with your existing community — we have strategies and industry-tailored programs to help you get things done. Schedule a demo for a personalized walk-through of our technology and learn about our expert-led strategy services.