🎃 How do you celebrate Halloween with your members?

October 10, 2018

I've put together some spook-tacular ideas for inspiration on how you could celebrate Haloween with your community and I would also love for you to share your ideas! This day offers great opportunities for getting the community together so let's make this Halloween uber creepy together! 👻

1. Hold a Halloween story or Costume Contest

Holding a contest is always an engagement winner. People love getting involved plus the curiosity of what people will upload just gets them! Here are some contest ideas:

⚡️Share your story: you can ask that the share either a scary story, their most embarrassing Halloween story, the most heartwarming story etc.  

⚡️Best Costume: Have your members upload pics of themselves/kids/pets in their Halloween costumes.

Have your members vote on their favourite by liking the story/picture - the post with the most likes wins! You can offer prizes that are physical like gifts that you can post later, you could also give a virtual gift voucher or even something funny like - sending a virtual ghost or pumpkin.

Here's a pic of Ogi in costume:

2. Ask for Captions on pics

That's always a crowd favourite and a sweet engagement hack I love to use.

Upload a funny pic or GIF and ask your members to add their creative caption to the pic.

You'll be amazed at what people come up with.

Here's an Ogi GIF... Go on, add your caption in the comments!!

3. Create fun, Halloween inspired greetings & branding for your community

It's always fun to make some temporary changes to the look and feel of our community... especially on fun occasions like Halloween! You can get spooky with your posts and also your branding! I use canva.com religiously!! It's a free tool that comes along with some great free templates you can use and they look super professional!

You can also use the greeting in an outreach email to send your members 👻

4. Share Halloween Safety Tips

If I could be the queen of something, it would be fire safety!

I suppose all that trick or treating does come with its fair share of hazards...

Making your own safety guide for Halloween and sending it off to your members can be a great email opener and a post liker!

Here are some great examples:

What are some of the ways you are celebrating Halloween with your community? Would love to hear your stories 🙌

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