A Guide to Custom Branding Your Community

Make a memorable first impression with the new custom branding feature!

A sense of belonging is the glue that keeps a community together, and that starts with the first interaction a member, or potential member, has with your community’s website. Research shows that professional networks with a fully branded experience, in addition to custom branding relevant content, are considered to be more trustworthy by consumers. Customized branding will make your network more friendly, authentic, and contribute to that sense of belonging that is fundamental to your community’s success.

By using this feature you can now:

  • Customize your community platform colors to match your own brand
  • You can add your organization’s favicon & logo
  • Connect your own domain to your network so that it becomes a native part of your website Send emails from your organization’s domain email address
  • Collectively, these new features will give your members an immersive, authentic and customized experience unique to your organization.

So how can you take advantage of these new custom branding features?

Customize Your Network’s Platform Colors

Customize your platform and give it a more authentic appearance for your members. Research shows that signature color can increase brain recognition to your brand by 80 percent. When they arrive they will feel right at home, just as they do on your website. Your network then seamlessly fits into your brand, your members won’t even know we’re there.

In your Network’s Setting panel click “branding”. Here, you’ll see a few options:

First set your Primary Color. The Primary Color you choose will be applied to these items:

Call-to-action buttons.Links.Items that are in a “select” mode (when clicked).

Then set your Secondary Color. The Secondary Color you choose will be applied to these items:

Network Navigation bar background.

Network page header.

Registration Form header.

Pro tip: We recommend using darker colors for the Secondary Color. Darker colors will blend best with the font and icon colors in the platform.

2. Add Your Favicon

Logos are extremely important, the are what visually connects us to a company. What would Nike be without its tick? Whether it is derived from your company’s logo or an entirely new visual representation, a favicon functions like a miniature logo. It helps your members remember your brand and associate your network to it.

To add your network’s favicon, click on the favicon and upload a high-resolution logo (recommended dimensions: 588×588 maximum, 150KB max). This will appear before the title on your member’s browser tab.

Cool fact: Did you know The term favicon is short for “favorites icon” and that originally, the image was used to distinguish pages in a list of favorites?

3. Setting up your email sending domain

Mobilize can now be configured to deliver emails on behalf of your email domain. This doesn’t mean the email will come directly from your email provider (e.g. Gmail), instead it will be sent on behalf of your domain through Mobilize’s mail servers. The ability to send emails to your members from your own domain, allows you to have more attribution over your emails. It also helps reduce confusion for your end recipient (the members) who should focus on you, the company sending the mail, not the company/tool they are sending it through.

Benefit’s to Customizing your Email Domain

Your group email address will show YOUR domain: e.g. [email protected] group members will have a dedicated address containing your own domain: e.g. [email protected] the email comes from your domain it will be less likely that it would be sent to spam or promotion folders and deliverability and view rates will increase!!Our team are constantly monitoring and tuning our email servers to ensure the best possible deliverability ratesBy using our mail servers, you’re not subjected to sending limits set by providers

In other words, Instead of members receiving emails from @groups.mobilize.io, they’ll receive them from @groups.yourbrand.com.

Here’s how to connect your Email domain:

To create custom emails, go to to Network Settings and then click “custom emails” and enter your domain name. To complete the setup, five DNS record changes are required to verify ownership of the domain. Learn more in our help center here.

Emails delivered from a customized address will improve deliverability and open rates, which will increase overall network engagement.

Work with experts who build successful communities

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