Creating an exciting member onboarding journey

July 12, 2018

First impressions are the base to getting a member started on their commitment curve in a positive way. Absorbing the member into the community, with a good member onboarding plan, is one of the most important tasks and the first step to creating belonging. Though in order to achieve the community we set out to create, we would need to use...... a lot of different tools. 😱 Which can get very overwhelming and sometimes mean that we miss some members early on in the process.

Each and every community member is a world of their own, therefore we should focus on the people that are a part of it. Each member has their way of interacting and communicating, a reason that drives them to take part, and we should take all of that into consideration should we want to build a thriving community.

But here comes the crunch. In order to create an engaging onboarding journey for our members, we need SOOOO many tools! Facebook, excel, forms, chat, WhatsApp, event calendar, events, email blast, email, Gmail, messenger, meetup... I can go on forever. Plus ask yourself this,

  1. How can we onboard members when we can’t get any of that data from our group on facebook?
  2. How can we keep track of our actions and make sure that no one falls through the cracks?
  3. How can we do all that at scale while not killing ourselves and our admins along the way?
  4. How can we do all of that but still work with all the facebook tools since my community lives there?

There is an answer ladies and gentlemen!!!

I’m going to show you how to create an onboarding journey that lets you keep your data and automate some of the process, while still using the channels you have today.. Or not ;)

Let’s use my community as an example:

  1. I use a registration form to have members sign up to my community
  2. The link to the form I have on my website and as a button on my facebook page
  3. Once the person fills out the form they go into an automatic email funnel that I created with Mobilize. This ensures that the member gets the attention we want them to but without us having to go in each day and transfer them from excel tab to Gmail - and the rest of the endless loop we love to hate.
  4. Then my member gets into the approval process - once approved they get all the links they need to get involved in the community. I encourage them to create an intro post and welcome them to the community in our weekly welcome post.

But why complicate things when you can visualize:

What's your onboarding plan?

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