Community Event Ideas: 7 Ways to Bring Your Members Together

September 16, 2017

Events are critical for communities to succeed. They create a sense of belonging, a bonding experience, and give communities an excuse to have fun with like-minded people. It can be tricky thinking of the right event for your community though. If you’re a community manager looking to spice up your events, here are 7 fun ideas:

1. Volunteer

Even if you’re a for-profit business, volunteering is a great event idea for your community. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about the causes your community members care about. is a great resource for communities in every city to find a cause and volunteer opportunities.

2. A Cooking Class

Instead of hosting an event at a restaurant, why not make it a dual affair where your community cooks and eats? A cooking class is a fun and interactive way to bring your community together.

3. Board Game Night

A board game night is a fun and low-cost event to host for your community. Ask everyone to bring their favorite board game, and pair members up with each other to meet someone new and have an activity to participate in.

4. Personal Development Workshop

What skills are your members looking to obtain? What do they want to learn to become the best versions of themselves in their personal and professional lives? Ask your community and then proceed with a workshop to help them obtain those skills.

5. Comedy Night

What’s better than a bunch of community getting together to laugh? We can’t think of any. The great thing about comedy nights is that they’re usually on weekday nights, so you won’t have weekend-plan conflicts.

6. Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a trendy event idea these days, and for good reason. The require a group of people to come together to achieve one goal: escape from a room with clues given to you by the managers. Not an event for the claustrophobic, but a great idea for those who have problem-solving minds.

7. Run a 5K Together

If your community is active and outdoorsy, getting them together for an active event is a good idea. Plus, running a race together can turn into a sub-running group.

How to Use Mobilize to Plan an Event

One of the most-used features on Mobilize is the event scheduler. Using our feature, as a community manager you can see who has RSVP-ed for your event, and follow-up only with those who haven't responded. The event invites automatically sync to your members' calendars, too.

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