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The ultimate template center for community leaders You know how sometimes when we're trying to write a post, a welcome email or even an engaging challenge for our community but just can't seem to put words to

The ultimate template center for community leaders

You know how sometimes when we’re trying to write a post, a welcome email or even an engaging challenge for our community but just can’t seem to put words to paper? At that moment we go to our peers and ask – “does anyone have an example for….” and the amazing examples we get help us make a better experience for our community members. But what happens to those great examples after a while? They get lost in group feed hell.. never to be found or seen again.

While working with tens of thousands of Community Leaders at Mobilize – we’ve seen some incredible examples of engaging content and thought to ourselves.. how amazing would it be if community leaders would all share their best copy with one another?

It all started with a dream to create the ultimate resource center for community leaders! A place where we can all share and learn from each other. Why? Because when we learn from each other we can become better community leaders and therefore mobilize our communities to make the changes we want to see in the world.

So we sat in our Mobilize offices, thought, and brainstormed ideas of how or what we can create to make that happen. Enter, Community Hackathon! We decided to gather Community Leaders, Researchers, Group Admins and anyone in the community world that wishes to share their knowledge to come together and bring all the great community minds to create the first ever community resource center built for community leaders by community leaders.

Whop! Within 2 days we had an amazing project team built from 4 amazing community leaders to make this hackathon happen. We contacted community mentors from all different sectors to have a variety of views and input in order to facilitate brain pods (or conversation circles). This hackathon wasn’t only offline but was also broadcasted online so that community leaders from around the world could get involved. The goal for this hackathon was to share our knowledge, tips, hacks, failures, success, best practices, tools and more, while finally uploading examples into a tool now known as

Check out an interview with one of our amazing mentors Omer Kalderon Chen the head of global community at Selina, about his community and a few tips about growth and scale:

The main goal of this platform is sharing our knowledge with each other so that we can empower each other to make the change we want to see in the world through our communities.

Recently has been hunted on Product Hunt by one of the world’s leading Community leaders – David Spinks from CMX! This brought amazing exposure and great articles by community leaders from around the world to the new platform.

Now it’s your turn! Go to and add your template or example! Any template you add will create a meaningful impact with so many of these amazing community leaders from around the world.

Here’s a quick video on how to do it. It’s as easy as copy paste:

Ready to join the #SahringisCaring revolution? Jump in and add your template today..And while you’re there.. Show a bit of  on the product hunt page

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