Brand New Communication Center on Mobilize

July 28, 2016

We've been hard at work all summer, and are proud to announce our newest and biggest release to date, the new Communication Center! We've made it easier for you to message your members with Email Blasts,Quick Posts, and new features such as Mail Merge, Custom Buttons, Message Previews and updated analytics.

Email Blasts

Make personal messaging at scale easier using mail merge variables. To add mail merge fields click the variable button in the editor bar and select the fields. You can use any field from the Member Directory. Use the Follow Up Actions to send messages, SMS, event invites, or even polls to your members based on their replies and engagement.

Quick Posts

Use the new quick post feature to spark a discussion with your members. We redesigned it so posting will be intuitive for your members just like on Facebook or Twitter. Plus you'll get our updated analytics!

The Discussion toggle enables you to turn on/off the Reply-All mode so you can control if comments are public or private. Members can opt out of a specific thread, by clicking the Unfollow Posts link directly underneath the comments in the email:

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