Advanced Member Search & Private Events

February 28, 2018

This month we bring you some amazing features. Since we’ve made it our mission to build a communication platform that empowers community leaders, all of our new features are inspired BY YOU!

Meet the Member Directory - Advanced search

One of the best thing about being a part of a community is connecting with other members and creating meaningful connections. We wanted to increase the amount of one on one connections by helping members find each other in an easy and personalized way.

Now members are able to filter the search in the Member Directory with multiple field types (location, job title, etc) and find the people they want to connect with - easily!

Create Private & Public Events

Set up private and public events straight from the lounge! Your event creation experience is now more intuitive and easier to set up. When creating a private event you can invite specific members and when creating a public event, your whole group will be invited to the event.

Add an event image, description and details all before inviting your guests.

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