5 community event ideas to celebrate the holidays

December 5, 2018

Nothing like the holiday season to bring our members closer together. It's that joyous feeling in the air that makes us feel connected. So to celebrate, I've gathered some cool and simple community event and activity ideas you can try for this Holiday Season with your communities.

1. Host a Holiday Season Happy Hour 🎉

Taking the "street party" or "block party" idea, hold a community Holiday Season happy hour for your members at your local spot. You can create a great invitation using canva.com and create an event for it. If your community is mostly virtual, this is a great opportunity to take it offline in a non-formal setting and get your members connecting.

If your community is spread out all over the world, try and see if you can find some active members in your community that would hold smaller happy hours in their hometown and members who are close by could join.

2. Have a 12-day fun pop quiz or challenge 🦒

Those 12 days before the holidays arrive are always fun, and going off the 12-day of giveaways concept, you can really encourage engagement by creating fun challenges for each of those days. For example:

- The worst/best Xmas sweater

- What's the worst/best present you ever got

- Funniest holiday season story

- Holiday shopping pic

3. Create a finish the sentence post ❄️

- My favorite holiday season was...

- The worst Holiday season I had was...

- That one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was...

- One year I...

- Typically, the Holiday season with my family is...

- I think the worst gift to give is...

- During the Holiday season I typically...

- If I could change one thing about the Holiday season...

- It is so hard to buy for...

- My favorite Holiday tradition is...

4. Choose a charity to help these Holidays 🙏

One of the best things about being a part of the community is the power we have together. Use that power to bring everyone about a cause you love and then actually go through and help that cause.

First, you can choose a few options or ask your community members to nominate some charities. Then, gather all the options and create a poll in the feed. Ask your members to vote on the charity they would like to support and then they will really feel like they are a part of the process.

When you have chosen your charity, make sure that you are very transparent about how you would like to support. It could be by donating money, by singing holiday carols or any activities that the charity is doing. Once you have gathered everything, invite your members to be part of it, finally sharing with them the final result.

Don't forget to take pictures and videos to share with your members afterwards.

5.  Send out a holiday greeting ☃️

Spread the holiday joy by sending your members a personalized greeting. You can use the Outreach center in Mobilize to do so, just remember to use the merge tags to make the email more personal.

Fun tip: Did you know that GIPHY has stickers? Stickers are actually GIFs that have a transparent background so you when you add them they don't necessarily have a square shape like a normal GIF. Here's a link to some great Holiday stickers.

To use them, here are the steps:

1. Choose your sticker and click on it

2. Click copy link on the right-hand side of the GIF or right click on the GIF itself and choose save as picture

3. Copy the GIF link or download

4. Click the insert picture icon and add your GIF or pate the GIF link

Have you got some ideas to add to the bunch? Great! Sent it to us on Facebook or Twitter

Happy Festivus!!

Harrison 🏂

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