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Introducing… Hashtags!

We’re excited to announce Mobilize’s all-new editor experience, including hashtags.  Our editor has some exciting new functionality, a much higher quality user experience, and unlocks new ways to understand what’s trending in your community. Let’s dive in. We’ve added #hashtags

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The Value of Engagement

What is Community? Engagement is defined as the act of being occupied, attracted, or involved. In other words, you’re holding their attention. And we believe you can’t do that without personally getting to know a person.  But, how do you

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Community Highlights Overview

Community Highlights Have Arrived!

Introducing Community Highlight Emails! Our work lives are messy: scores of inboxes, notifications, and other digital mechanisms to grab attention towards something that likely doesn’t warrant any.  We need help paying attention to what matters. Less noise and more focus.

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Why Crypto Communities Need to Mature

Crypto is growing up. Over twelve years, it has developed from an esoteric side project to “thing your friend wouldn’t shut up about” in 2017 to a profound new mechanism for commerce and connection.  A necessary and expanding area of

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