Mobilize: Your best alternative to meetup

For community leaders looking for a more sophisticated yet centralized group communication and event scheduling tool, Mobilize is a fantastic alternative to Meetup.

What is the Mobilize Platform?

Events + CRM + Outreach = Meetup Alternative

Thankfully, there is an alternative to Meetup, and that alternative is an all-in-one event and community solution called Mobilize.

Every community leader wants its members to connect, engage, and work together. In fact, events are so powerful that 48% of event attendees find in-person interactions with brands more valuable than 2 years ago. That’s why many event organizers rely on Meetup, an online events management platform, to create and manage their events.

But unlike Mobilize, which offers powerful event management tools for communities, Meetup has a number of limitations and disadvantages.

The drawbacks of using Meetup:

  • No ownership. It’s important to create a community you know intimately. While Meetup allows you to email members en masse, it does not give you ownership of the data. This limits your ability to target individual members, and it keeps your hard-built list within Meetup, instead of your organization—where the data belongs.
  • No connection. Even if members are a part of your Meetup page, that is no guarantee that your community events will be seen. Members must go through a convoluted process to add events to their calendar. With Mobilize, members automatically see events in their calendar, ensuring that your events are visible to community members at all times.
  • Event competition. Meetup’s goal is to make sure that all their users attend a wide variety of events. That puts your events in competition with other brands and members, diluting the value and necessity of attending the event you’re putting on.
  • Limited analytics. While knowing who RSVP’d to your event is nice, you cannot send follow-ups and reminders to members who may have seen your event but didn’t act on it.
  • Yet another service. For your community, the friction of signing up for Meetup may reduce attendance to events, negatively impacting your ability to get the most out of a community event. And for your group leaders, using Meetup increases the chances of dropping the ball on scheduling follow-ups, answering group member questions, or inviting the right attendees to the right events.

Here’s what Mobilize offers to its community leaders:

  • Event visibility. Every member who is added to Mobilize has access to an events calendar that is organized by the community, list view, or monthly calendar view. Mobilize also offers timezone support (a very useful feature for geographically dispersed members) and separate group calendars that members can subscribe to. Events will appear on an attendees’ preferred calendar application automatically. Attendees can also choose to RSVP from their email, calendar, or inside the Mobilize app.
  • Follow-up. Is a member not responding? Take advantage of the Mobilize platform’s follow-up actions to make sure your members attend. Target individuals who haven’t responded to your event with personalized messages, or take the time to send a thank you message to those who will be attending. And after the event, use a follow-up action to send event materials attendees might have missed out on.
  • Know your members. In addition to event management, Mobilize also offers a whole suite of tools that empower a community and the leaders who manage it. Use the Mobilize registration form to get new member emails. And know what new group members want out of your group while they are registering for your service. Mobilize also gives community leaders powerful member database capabilities. Compared to Mobilize, Meetup offers far fewer customization options during registration—limiting a group leader’s ability to shape events that matter to their community.
  • Track success. Mobilize allows group leaders to view relevant analytics in an easily accessible dashboard format. And this information is instantly actionable: administrators, for example, can target communication-based on interaction history.
  • Access the right information. Meetup limits a group’s ability to archive and access historical documents, polls, and conversations. Mobilize, on the other hand, allows group leaders to associate documents with a specific topic, client, project, conversation, or event. There’s also sophisticated search functionality, allowing group leaders and members to access the right information quickly.

Meetup is a widely used, powerful event management platform. But for communities that need to send granular event invites, want more knowledge about their members’ use of a group communication tool, and who plan on sending smart follow-ups to ensure event attendance, Mobilize is an inclusive alternative to Meetup that community leaders and members will love.

All the features for your community

When your members are happy, your community thrives. Use these features to cultivate your community and empower your members to help each other.

  • Streamline your communications in a central hub
  • Send form info to your database instantly
  • Create subgroups to target precise audiences
  • Engage in private discussions
  • No app download or login required - no friction
  • Track analytics for every communication