The Best Alternative to Listserv

Listserv limits your potential. Mobilize is the better alternative.

Your audience uses SMS, apps, social media, and many other forms of communication—if you’re still using listserv, you’re limiting your group’s effectiveness and reach. End the confusing communication by replacing your Listserv with a Mobilize online community. 

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Why switch?

Listserv seems easy at first, but engagement soon suffers. 

Using email listservs to communicate with your group, network or manage members is simple, and a very common starting point. The ubiquity and simplicity of email makes a listserv a powerful group communication tool available to nearly everyone.

But as your community grows in complexity, usually at about a few dozen members, the limitations of a listserv become apparent. A listserv’s greatest strengths—its ubiquity and focus on email can also be its weakness. Your audience expects to use SMS, apps, social media, and many other forms of communication. Listservs don’t meet these expectations. 

For example, listserv members can have a tough time finding history or communication threads relevant to them, making it hard for new community members to catch up, or for veterans to make good use of shared knowledge. The largest private groups on Listserv suffer from information overload, when forced to determine what discussions are for them and which can be ignored.

At this point member engagement declines significantly, defeating the purpose of group communication in the first place. And without central control, a great mailing list can disappear, along with its history and contacts and any historical data that is key to your business.

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Listserv is restrictive, hard-to-manage and unreliable. Mobilize has the clear advantage:

Organized, centralized, and relevant for each member
Group owners and members organize based on topic groups and access topic-specific historical discussions, as well as other non-email oriented content, like pdf and Google Doc files, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, links, and polls. Mobilize provides one central location, accessible and searchable to group members and administrators that contains all the relevant information for the group.

Know who to target based on insights and engagement data
Mobilize provides built-in-analytics to measure every interaction, including email response like a listserv. Administrators and managers target their follow-ups according to interactions (who did or did not view, click, RSVP, or vote). Friendly, visually engaging dashboards make critical information easily accessible to all group members—improving your group communication and targeting.

Engage without ever logging in, even in email
Even if your group members prefer e-mail, this option remains available and it’s better. They don’t need to log into Mobilize to send group emails or receive communication and engage. Members can add SMS or use the mobile interface whenever they’re ready while reaping the additional benefits of a more social online communication platform.

Modern, reliable and secure
Engage your audience using web, mobile, SMS and email in an all-in-one modern solution. Mobilize is redundant and secure to remove the risk of communication downtime or even the loss of communication data. 

Proof is in the data.

The ASCII Group drives record engagement and revenue.

The ASCII Group is the oldest & largest independent IT community in the world. They were tired of the confusing email threads and the unreliability of their listserv. 

ASCII achieves these incredible results with Mobilize:

  • Double the member engagement from listserv (30% avg. vs. 15% avg.)
  • 3X higher member engagement vs. industry standard 
  • $90,000 per month in average virtual event revenue by pairing their virtual event platform with their Mobilize community for an all-in-one virtual event solution
  • 75% of active members engage with their messages, much higher vs. their old listserv 
ASCII Avg member engagement
Monthly Average Member Engagegment
ASCII Interaction report based on Mobilize online community activities.
Member Interactions

More Customers Who've Switched

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More reasons to switch from Listserv to Mobilize

Email list management
Mobilize makes it easy to segment and manage your email audiences.  Send emails to all of your community members, or selected members based on topic interest or performance—right from Mobilize’s outreach center.

Privacy & Permissions. You’re in the driver’s seat with Mobilize. Control how social you want your group to be and who can act as distributed leaders within your groups. Allow members to find each other and network, start private conversations, or discussion groups of their own. 

Create a powerful member directory
Mobilize gives group leaders the power to learn more about their community by allowing group leaders to customize the data they collect. Allow members to create subgroups within your community.

Own the brand experience
When you use Facebook Groups, your brand is not the focal point. With Mobilize, you can create a customized member experience. 

Members reply from anywhere
Group members don’t need to login to reply to the communications you’ve sent. And communication friction can be reduced further by letting members join your group using their social logins.

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Replace Your Listserv with Mobilize.

When your members are happy, your community thrives. Escape the noise of long email chains, and messy online groups with an exclusive, well-designed place your members can call home.