Mobilize: Your best alternative to listserv

In a world where people use SMS, apps, social media, and many other forms of communication, listservs can limit a group’s effectiveness and reach.

Go Beyond a Listserv with Mobilize

Group leaders looking for a more sophisticated group communication tool, Mobilize, an all-in-one member management platform, is an alternative to Listserv well worth considering.

Using email listservs to communicate with your group, network or manage members is simple, and a very common starting point. The ubiquity and simplicity of email makes a listserv a powerful group communication tool available to nearly everyone.

But as your community grows in complexity, usually at about a few dozen members, the limitations of a listserv become apparent. A listserv’s greatest strengths—its ubiquity and focus on email can also be its weaknesses. In a world where people use SMS, apps, social media, and many other forms of communication, listservs can limit a group’s effectiveness and reach.

For example, listserv members can have a tough time finding history or threads relevant to them, making it hard for new community members to catch up, or for veterans to make good use of the archive of shared knowledge. The largest private groups often then suffer from information overload, when forced to determine what discussions are for them and which can be ignored.

At this point member engagement often declines, defeating the purpose of the group in the first place. And without central control, a great mailing list can disappear, along with its history and contacts.

Mobilize has many advantages over Listserv:

  • Group owners and members can access historical discussions, as well as other non-email oriented content, like pdf and Google Doc files, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, links, and polls. One central location, accessible to group members and administrators, contains all the relevant information for the group.
  • Mobilize provides built-in-analytics on e-mail response as a listserv. Administrators can target their follow-ups according to interaction (who did or did not view, click, RSVP, or vote). friendly, visually engaging dashboards make critical information easily accessible to all group members, opening up your communication style to whichever is best suited for your group.
  • Even if your group members prefer e-mail, this option is still available to them. They don’t need to log into Mobilize to send group emails or receive communication. They can add SMS or use the mobile interface whenever they’re ready, while still reaping the additional benefits of a more social group communication platform.
  • Listservs often have limited and inflexible group registration forms. The superior database management capabilities of the Mobilize platform enable administrators to create custom registration forms with as many fields as they choose, and access this information at any time–in fact, a Mail Merge feature within the Mobilize platform allows users to access this data with a single click, even while messaging someone.

Listserv was just the beginning for asynchronous group communication. Today, Mobilize brings the power of a hybrid system of record and communication to membership management, replacing scattered tools such as Google Forms and Docs, events, Doodle polls, group SMS, and file sharing into one comprehensive platform.

Whether your listserv is small or large, in one country or across the globe, Mobilize can help your community accomplish its mission more effectively than ever before.

All the features for your community

When your members are happy, your community thrives. Use these features to cultivate your community and empower your members to help each other.

  • Streamline your communications in a central hub
  • Send form info to your database instantly
  • Create subgroups to target precise audiences
  • Engage in private discussions
  • No app download or login required - no friction
  • Track analytics for every communication

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