Mobilize: Your best alternative to Google Groups

If you're currently managing your email list and community members using Google, you may be ready for a modern alternative to Google Groups.

The last major update made to Google Groups was made over three years ago

Unlike many other Google apps, it doesn’t appear an update to Google Groups is coming anytime soon—leaving your group members and leaders with subpar tools to manage their communities.

In addition to the lack of attention that Google gives to its groups' solution, there are many other limits that Google Groups has as a communication platform.

This is especially true for large, geographically dispersed groups:

  • Google Groups requires additional searching to attach relevant documents, which are frequently lost.
  • Multiple group lists in Google Groups are not organized and synced in one hierarchy.
  • Group management may require additional third-party tools, such as a CRM, polling, and event management.
  • Google Groups gets difficult to manage if you have a more professional, corporate network of brand ambassadors, developers, resellers, or any type of partners.

With these limitations, it is no surprise you are looking for a solution that is regularly updated and enables your group leaders to get the most out of their community.

The ideal group communication tool would combine multiple tools (for example, CRM, messaging, event invites) into one, let you access detailed information about your group members, help you and your group members filter and prioritize communication, and provide robust analytics on all of the above.

All-in-one community management platform

Mobilize offers some other powerful advantages over Google Groups, and frankly, the rest of the group management field, with a collection of easy to use features:

  • All-in-One Communication Platform. Group communication is made easier with the Mobilize communication center. You can construct and blast an email to everyone in (or just a subset of) your group by applying smart filters with just a few simple clicks. You can also send and manage event invites or conduct a poll. And unlike Google Groups, all of this can be accomplished within the app—no third-party service needed.
  • Mail Merge. One of the most powerful Mobilize features is Mail Merge. Not only can you easily import your address book into Mobilize, but Mail Merge also lets you access every piece of data from the member directory. Messaging someone and need to refer to their company address? A single click will pull up the recipient’s address info and import it directly into your message. In short, Mobilize gets rid of the need to arduously hunt, copy, and paste address book data—unlike Google Groups. Additionally, on the member database side, you can include unlimited fields and labels, which becomes increasingly relevant as your community grows in size and complexity.
  • Group member tools. Mobilize is far easier to manage than Google Groups. New members will find it easy to join via the Mobilize platform’s onboarding process. And current members can filter communication with the ability to unfollow individual posts.
  • Analytics. Community leaders can easily access powerful analytics across their entire community, including open rates, response rates, new member counts and many other key performance indicators. This is especially useful for communities with multiple sub-groups.

Put simply, Mobilize was built from the ground up for empowering community leaders to do what they do best, make the world a better place. For example, Mobilize offers association solutions, membership database management and an online member directory.

At the end of the day, you may still love Google and their many services. But your group deserves a dedicated solution that offers powerful community management tools and regular updates.

All the features for your community

When your members are happy, your community thrives. Use these features to cultivate your community and empower your members to help each other.

  • Streamline your communications in a central hub
  • Send form info to your database instantly
  • Create subgroups to target precise audiences
  • Engage in private discussions
  • No app download or login required - no friction
  • Track analytics for every communication