About us

Our “North Star” is to bring purpose and belonging to a world in need of connection. We want to unlock the power of productive communities to transform organizations for good. 

We believe in the power of authentic human connection.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

It started with movements

We started by powering political campaigns and world-changing movements, helping community leaders use distributed leadership and “intimacy at scale” to achieve unprecedented outcomes.

Projects included Elizabeth’s Warren U.S. presidential campaign, where we galvanized 50k volunteers to drive a 30% increase in donations and 500% increase in event attendance, and Israel’s Blue & White party, where we got a brand new political party to win control of parliament in a matter of months. 


Now we turn any org into a movement

We work with purpose-driven, innovative organizations that embrace the power of community to drive change – the secret weapon in transforming industries and causes.

We work with some of the most impactful organizations around the world, both nonprofit and for-profit, and help them do the unimaginable through community. How? Not by selling software, but by focusing on outcomes and a deep partnership. 


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Communities that get things done

Building community is hard. That’s why we focus on outcomes. With a team of experts, and a deep focus on industries and use cases, we’re your partner in community-led transformation. It’s like the love child of strategy consulting and modern software.

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Community for Good.

Founded in 2014 by Sharon Savariego, and now led by Dave Hersh, the Founding CEO of Jive Software (the original community leader), Mobilize has helped thousands of organizations bring people together to learn, grow, connect and make change happen, because we care about what we do. 

If you’re equally passionate about driving change through community, let’s talk.

Helping our customers succeed

Learn more about communities launched with Mobilize – from small close-knit communities to scalable enterprise programs around the world.


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