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About Mobilize

Our Mission

Mobilize was founded as a result of a simple observation: businesses have transformed how they create products, provide services, distribute solutions, and scale globally. In the wave of the new economy, network relationships matter. From marketplaces and their sellers, to ondemand platforms and their workforce, tech companies and their API developers, global brands and their ambassadors, coworking spaces and their tenants, corporations and their resellers and franchisees - partners have become business critical contributors with ever growing influence.

After working with Operations Managers, Community Builders, Program Coordinators and also their partners, we understood what should truly change in partner communication: partners don’t want to be managed like employees, nor be marketed to like customers. They want to build meaningful relationships and be treated as partners. Yet businesses still rely on the same management and communication playbook they have used for more than a decade, as if those partners were customers or employees.

This mismatch between critical partner contributions and communication tactics led us to create the vision for Mobilization, and to develop Mobilize’s Network Relationship Management solution to enable it. It’s the philosophy and the platform combined. The mobilization experience is the art of managing but not controlling, of communicating but not broadcasting, of sparking collaboration while building relationships.

Mobilize is designed for networked companies to recruit, onboard, manage and mobilize their partners into action via communication experiences that are relevant, helpful and actionable. We’re on a mission to drive the transformation towards a healthy, networked economy, one mobilized network after another.

Sharon Savariego & Arthur Vainer

Team photos

The Team

At Mobilize, we’re a group of dedicated, passionate individuals working together to help networks grow and succeed. We work hard, and enjoy every second of it.

Arthur Vainer

Co-Founder & CTO

Sharon Savariego

Co-Founder & CEO

Dori Dembinsky

R&D Director

Laura Yecies


Michelle Salomon

Sales Director

Ido Ofzer

Head of Product

Nir Ofir

Head of Mobile Product

Arnon Hecht

Front-End Developer

Or Frenkel

Mobile Dev Team Leader

Adi Rubin

UX Design Lead

Ariel Verber

UI Designer

Shirley Ianco

People Operations – Israel

Ahikam Ragouan

QA Engineer

Assaf Shalin

Back-End Engineer

Igor Azizov

Software Architect

Jesse Lehrman


Tiffany Tong

Customer Success Manager

Shannon Sweetser

Community Manager

Andrew Schmitz

Inside Sales Manager

Moshe Pinhasi

Front-End Developer

Kim Wolf

Head of Demand Generation