The Future of Community

Our purpose is to bring belonging back to online connections.

Social media was supposed to bring us together. Instead, it isolated us as its usage exploded. And community software no longer gets anyone's attention.

Mobilize seeks to change that through the only tailor-made engagement platform for member-driven communities, including associations, nonprofits, movements and corporations.

Members may be passionate, but they need to feel seen, heard and valued in order to engage. Our modern approach to community enables the true connections these people deserve, and ultimately the purpose these organizations serve.​

Since 2014, we’ve helped over a thousand organizations build thriving, engaging communities. In 2018, Dave Hersh, the founding CEO of the original community platform Jive Software, acquired Mobilize because he shared that vision. He now works closely with founder Sharon Savariego towards revolutionizing member engagement through creating that sense of belonging.

We hope you’ll join us.